What's Your Screen Resolution?

Just curious what people are using

what screen res are you running right now? :h:



:lol: man i’m jealous i’m using 1280x1024

edit: :lol: DDD I thought that’s what you used… or do you? stop confusing me dammit!

1024 x 768 :slight_smile:

600 x 400 :(.

:lol: no you don’t

Lol fine ;P!

1024 x 768 :P.

1152x864 :slight_smile:

600x400… :lol:

Lol just wanted to see the reaction of you guys :thumb:. D hadda ruin it :m:.



1280 * 1024



I merged this with another thread on this very same topic :elderly:

Heeyyy The Reefster! My name isn’t sara That wasn’t even a real quote.


Lol whoops :P.

heh, there you go.

im using 1440x900 on my 17" widescreen laptop, its nice