What's your type?

I like both, cause it depends on so many other things…

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**But good personality is a must…! **

thats your type then. so then you do have a type, you might like all the girls but if you find a girl with a great personality then this would intrest you, which is what this thread is about. :wink:

a geeky, very geeky woman would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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**… and he can’t be overly hairy. like a little hair on the chest is ok, but back hair is ewwwwwwwwww… **

hehehe. yeah. TOTAL turnoff. we shave for you guys, so if it’s soooo hairy, you should shave for us… hehe

my type?
italian, long hair (head), goatee, nice muscles, 5’11 minimum height, tattoos, great eyes, and a few things i shouldn’t say here…

awesome sense of humor, spiritual (#1 quality), adventurous, poetic, musical, artistic, strong (not physically, emotionally), not too needy or clingy, but loving all the same, honest, intelligent (very intelligent)

motorcycles and jeeps and hummers, oh my!
(i drive a jeep so our cars have to be compatible so they can make cute babies)

chess, guitar, pool, naughty stuff, liontaming, fire eating

camping, hiking, animals (espec. cats), children, pretty colors, italian cooking, ghosthunting, and of course, more stuff i can’t say here…

ok… that’s perfection in a bottle. :beam:

my guidlines? bah! mere tom foolery. my guy just has to breath and be nice.

(i didnt want yous to think i was a cold hearted b***)

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chess, guitar, pool, naughty stuff, liontaming, fire eating

Ooooh, sorry, I can’t play the guitar. So close. :wink:

heehee. believe it or not, that’s usually the clincher. most guys i meet have the liontaming and the fireating down, but guitar and chess are sooooooooooooooooooo hard to find.

I’m close to your perfection though… I can play chess, and my brother is teaching me how to play the guitar. LOL :trout:

But I’m not Italian in any way… :*(

Ugh, don’t mind me. :wink:

I like smart guys… Someone who can make me laugh and can take a joke in return, since I tend to get very sarcastic a lot of the time. :slight_smile:

Not really bothered about hair colour, I’ve dated blondes and brunettes and not fussy either way. As long as they don’t spend more time than me styling it. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I like men who are taller than me (though that’s not difficult really). A good body is preferable, I like a man who looks good in a football kit. :slight_smile:

Kajiku… you should SERIOUSLY learn how to play the guitar… you have no idea how many girls are suckered into thinking I’m cool because I can play. We’d be at a party, and if a bunch of us whip out the guitars all of a sudden, girls start drooling over us.

but of course, the #1 thing you can do to impress a girl is have money. It’s sad, but if you think about it it makes sense… women, as nurturers, require someone with responsibility and stability, and money is the best indicator of that.

Lavaboy that is so true! I can only play a few songs, and it works like magic… And money and a car helps…
"A woman’s test in life is material, a man’s test in life is a woman!’
“Men have nice cars, because women like nice cars!”

i dont like guys with money

Then your one in a million :slight_smile:

ee, i didnt mean i wouldn’t like a guy because had $$, but it doesnt really matter to me. im used to ones without…hehe. plus, i like being the breadwinner…

So girls would only like a guy with money, I don’t blame 'em.
A man has to be a man.

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**Then your one in a million :slight_smile: **


heeehee… i should get some sleep :crazy:

No kidding? What time is it in boston?

7:17 AM i’ve been not sleeping for about 40 hours or so i think. i don’t remember, my head is mish mash.

****, that a loooong time… its only 1 am here on the Island of Oahu… and I already tired… what did u do all night… flash stuff :stuck_out_tongue: