What's your type?

Just feel like making a thread totally off the topic of design for once :slight_smile:

I’ve asked alot of friends and just curious what you guys and girls are more attracted to? blondes or brunettes?

omg!!! Blondes or brunettes? - dunno, all of them :-\

ok let me rephrase it .

New topic

What is your type?

Mine would be a brunette girl, great smile, not tall , rather shorties (they are so cute) Funny personality, love of music and maybe a little creative in any field. dosent have to be computer or design based, such other creative jobs could be hairdressing, musician ect… Nice body, i hate stick figures and on top of everything confidence. :beam:

Now your turn !

:::would a mod be able to change the thread topic to

What is your type?

Super-nice, mega-hot, clever, blind, deaf…

pretty selfish type, anyways I gotta go…

Doesn’t matter I’d loser her after like 2 days anyway, but here it is.
Around like 5’6 - 5’10 just a little shorter than me
Great Personality (ie. funny, kind, outgoing, spontaneous)
Nice smile :wink:
Nice butt
Nice body, but still, nice butt
Artistic in some way or another
Some common interests with me
Probably light brown hair with random highlights

Or she could be none of that… doesn’t really matter

anyone that can understand me and accept me for who i am, and why limit yourself to blonde or brunnette i mean when you can date em all me personally my dream or fantasy if you might want to call it that is a beautifull asian chick but alas it has enver happened and i think it never will we dont have much asian chicks here in Puerto Rico :frowning: but ive dated all kinds of women and honestly it all comes down to trust and understanding

Now in the sex department you guys might not believe me but the wildest chicks are the dorky chicks, ugly chicks, chubby chicks, and the good girls are the wildest in this department and the pretty ones are just like eeeeeeeeewwwwwww gross rotflmao

I’ve always told myself I’m not so shallow as to judge a girl ENTIRELY on appearance, especially just hair…

But I’ve found that all the girls I really enjoy talking to at school, and the ones I can’t get enough of, are usually blond.

Black hair is not cool, IMO, there’s some girl with black hair (she dyed it that way) and there’s another one with black highlights (if they can be called highlights… :-/ ) and I don’t like either look.

What I’m trying to say is, Goth’s are bad.

btw guys i rephrased the question, What is your type, you dont have to get all serious about it. Blonde or brunette phrase is not relative anymore, simple question to what kind of girl or guy do you like. :wink:

well my kind of girl would be brunette, with a nice figure, you know, boobs not too small and not huge, a shapely ***…just kidding!!!

i’m into guys…

so my perfect guy would have to have black or brown hair and he can’t be overly hairy. like a little hair on the chest is ok, but back hair is ewwwwwwwwww. he would have to be at least as tall as me or taller. has to have a nice back and arms, muscular but not overdoing it. that totally turns girls on, seeing a guy with a great back.

i like green or blue eyes, but brown is alright too. has to have big genuine eyes.

also as far as personality goes, he has to make me laugh all the time, can’t be sexist or homophobic or overly patriotic, has to share the same music interests and go to concerts with me. also, he has to be there for me when i feel like ****.

and last but not least, he has to be able to perform well in the sack.

my girl is my type :love:

that and jazzy h****oes :stuck_out_tongue:

That persephone chick in Reloaded looks pretty hot. Too bad her dress is ugly as sin. Well, it pushed her boobs up to her chin, and that looked nice, but it’s honestly an ugly dress.

gets picture Okay, so maybe my memory was off. Not to her chin… but you know. :slight_smile:

brunette & blonde, cause my girl is a true brunette but her hair is blonde

they say gentlemen prefer blondes…

but we have to ask our selves do blondes prefer gentlemen?

My hair changes colour every couple of months, so what am I classed as? Right now it’s brown with a bit of red in there. It’ll be blonde again in a month or so.

Naturally I’m a dark blonde though…

“I like em brown yellow puerto rican & haitian…”

as quoted from Fife Dog of the Tribe called Quest.

Gotta love Tribe called quest, listening to Beats, Rhymes And Life right now. “Phony rappers who do not write, phony rappers who do not excite”! :beam:

How do you feel on De La Soul, …Soulty?

The jungle , the jungle, the brothers , the brothers…

yeah awesome.

I’m into de la soul as well, "Me, Myself and I " lol even there newer stuff is nice, “All Good” with Chaka Khan. Got Q-tips’ solo album.

::: btw thanks to the mod that changed the thread name :wink:

For me, it has to be a smart girl… that’s my turn on.

Why would I limit myself to a type? I’ve been in alot of places, and it seems that there is hotties everywhere… Russians don’t limit themselves to one type of girl, then we wouldnt get anywhere… I like ALL girls… :beam:

personaly, if I find a girl unattractive, the color of her hair or her hight wont change a thing…

But good personality is a must…!