When traveling, how do you get around?

A part of my job has always involved traveling to either attend or present at various conferences. For conferences in large cities, I would take public transportation to get around. For the smaller (less congested) cities, I would rent a car and drive to the places I needed to go.

Over the past year or so, I’ve completely switched over to the Uber/Lyft model of getting around. Not only have I found it more convenient than public transportation and less stressful than driving in a foreign city, it saves me a ton of time.

When you are traveling, what do you do?


At home, I drive. Long distances, I fly. Away from home (after a flight), I’ll generally take mass transportation or uber/lyft or sometimes even a cab if more convenient. I will rarely rent a car unless I’m going long distances, or its necessary, for example driving out to go camping. But when possible, I prefer to walk. When flying out to SF for work, I’m always staying within an hours walk of the office and will walk to and from work. BART (train) connects me to to the city from the airport and hits just about all the other places I need to go in the bay area (though its shite, I know it well since it was my commuter ride for 8 years).

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Is traveling with a tiny house good? Someone tried?

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Do you mean trailer?

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