Where is?

The Welcome forum? Im new :beam:

well, hrmm, i guess you’re in it right now.


kirupa forums are da shiznit. :beam:

Great! thanks were i can post my works to get some comments and critics?



Welcome MOD1 !!
Enjoy your stay!!

Well, I might as well let you know, 300 by 60 pix wide footers are allowed, nothing bigger.

Some mod will make a sarcastic remark and direct you via link to the rules section shortly, or Alex the Junior Mod :smiley:



Now i think your joking or something, right?
200 x 70

I take 10 of 100 from the 300, hehe.

its still illigal MOD1. The max a footer can be is 300 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. There is no trading pixels :wink:


MOD1st = Michael Otero Diaz de 1st

Im from PR

Puerto Rico

Woah, The First? Are you aristocracy? Or decendant of?

Alright, i’l do the redirecting:


I was about to say the same thing just for fun!!

Ok i chage it, lol.

Me too, heheheh,
Okay Mr. the 1st,
Are you Aristocracy or related to some (just wondering why you are the first?)

And all the stuff Pj asked?


I’m not good at english but i think know the basic, maybe.

I was looking for preloading tuts and someone tell me about this website so im here.

And i like digital art, drawing, painting in canvas, sculpt with clay and photografi.

Now is your turn, tell me all about your self. :inc:

I’m the fisrt MOD ever. :ninja:

I have a question, this site is for digital art only right?

I am a Russian - Canadian , soon to be Evil Amerikan,

Answer the **** questions!!! :smiley:

haha hitler is in my porfolio lol

Im asking because a get banned a lot , i like to post my works and sometimes people like it and they begging to ask about price and all that ****.

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**you get banned a lot?

what phor?
pj :sigh: **