Which Online Portfolio? Arrggghhhh

Hi Guys,

I finally launched my online portfolio a few days ago and i really liked it.

Then, I started to design a template, Which turned out really nice…So nice that i may use it as my online portfolio.

Can you guys here give me a hand as to which one i should use.

Online Portfolio - Current

Online Portfolio - The one i like



The second one hands down. The first one looks really boring and amaturish. The second one has a cleaner layout and nicer color scheme, looks more professional.

i agree. the second one looks really smooth and cool. go with number 2.

i agree… the second one has potencial, although i like how you managed to make the first one look so good using such concept, it’s not a very easy concept to follow and i can’t find nothing wrong in it, good work.

anyway i would choose the second one, looks more clean and professional.

I totally have to argee. the one you like is better :thumb:

You know what you should do is make you buttons better selecteble.


Because when you roll over your buttons. it only rolls over when you go over the TXT. try and make it so that you only have to o over the section.


Thanks alot for the feedback guys,

Any more?

I totally understand you T-O

Im going to work on it more tomorrow, And i will again provide you with a link to the updated Pixel Portfolio




Second. Looking pretty unanimous so far. For what it’s worth, I find the grey backgrounds to some of the text a bit wierd. I’d probably go with the light blue. Then again, I ain’t no design professional.