Which PDA?

I know there was a thread about this a while ago, but I need some advice.

I want to buy a PDA (preferably an iPaq) and I could do with some reccommendations. I’ve been looking at some this afternoon and I was just getting confused by the reviews etc.

Basically I’m going to be using it for:
[]Syncing my Calendar and Emails in Outlook
]Browsing Internet via WiFi (Home Wireless / Hotspot)
[*]Small amount of work using Microsoft Word.[/LIST]Any extras the unit can perform would be a massive bonus.
Battery life could be an issue, and I remember certain PDAs having problems when they completely powered down a while ago… hopefully these have been resolved, but if not could it be raised as a con of the PDA.

Any help at all is appreciated as this is going to greatly improve my work life :love: