While you are sleeping...!

While you are sleeping…! The Worm is making SMILIES!!! AAAHAHAA!!!

Seriously though, are they any good?

My god it’s 3:15 AM, better get to bed…

The Worm needs his beautysleep too you know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey eilsoe,
The smilies are excellent. You sure have been posting a ton of cool stuff today; how ever do you find the time to create footers and smilies for people within 24 hours lol?

Kirupa :rambo:

Those are excellent Eilsoe. You really need to stop drinkin Coca Cola though:)

those are pretty ill. i think kirupa should add them all, and make a key for them or something kinda like deviantat does. so the reply page doesnt get cluttered with them.

oh wait…there is. cool.

You know what game was really good?

Earthworm Jim. I loved that game!

Hehee… Im glad u all like’em! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa: How I find the time? It’s a loong story. Is it possible to slice these babies up and adding them to the forum? That’d be such an honour! :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil: You’re starting to freak ME out now…

Lost: I will NEVER!!! HAHaaaa!!!

Hey eilsoe,
Sure, I’ll add the ones that aren’t already included with the forum to it!

Kirupa :rambo:

Yeearh… :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone want’s any specific smilies, just say so! :slight_smile:

And I’ll see what I can do! :slight_smile:

wait, are u gonna cut’em apart yourself? Or should I do it? Just gotta go buy some smokes first… I have 1 left… (grr) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just too cute… :stuck_out_tongue:


Made him myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

smoking is bad for you.

Actually Kirupa, it’s not hard finding the time for these little things…

I spent About 2 hours on the smilies, and an hour making both Ilyas’s and Kit’s footers… The hardest one was the added background picture for kit’s flash site, found in her thread “New design idea” at the bottom…

Now THAT was tricky…