Who had the awesome flash tank game sig?

I’m trying to find someone’s sig that is a frequent poster who had a really cool flash tank game (maybe 6 months ago) using the keyboard to fire on an opposing tank. Any thoughts?

flash sigs are no longer supported :D… thats no help, but i thought i’d just jump in :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe i played with that siggy before, dont remember whose though…

Flash footers have since been disabled :frowning:

i think was macgyver…not sure but i did play a lot his minigame :smiley:

Yeah, it was McGyver.

Thats the only footer I really miss. It’s somewhere on his server i believe.

so whyd flash footers get banned?

Because they were used to get a mod’s password. :wink:

Brilliant, actually.

It was the best footer ever!

:huh: what?

They were able to use Flash to steal the password…

I bet they did something like grabbing the focus to their own embed with internal JS, then as somebody typed in, it was emailed off to the user’s footer.

do you know who did it?
Also man they must be really good js and flash I would of thought php and flash but whatever.
Could it be done with php and flash?

I think they just took the cookie… or redirected to a fake forum page that phished for passwords. :wink:

It was McGiver though, not MacGyver :stuck_out_tongue:

MacGyver could make a footer like that with a paperclip, a roll of ducktape and some birdseed.

^ hahahahaha

Wouldn’t the cookie have been encrypted? And a fake page seems much more difficult than my way (although more likely…)

Ummmm… yes i now remember…[COLOR=silver] i[/COLOR][COLOR=silver] still got in my head that episode from the simpsons from last sunday when Macgiver is kidnapped by marge’s sisters…[/COLOR]:stuck_out_tongue:

[ot]That was wierd episode. lol. [whisper]Stargate Rules![/whisper]
gnite all.[/ot]

it was McGiver, I have it bookmarked at work… im at home right now, ill try to remember and post the link here when i get to the office…

ducktape? duck…tape…:h: