Who Hates "OOh Didn't u see that new dragon ball z!&

Take a look at this flash movie i made…all sounds are made by me, and drawings…tell me what u think

[[[[its supposed to be crappy!]]]]

Oops! Forgot the link! stupid me…



HAHA that was awsome!. low file size 2!

I personally find nothing wrong with Dragon Ball Z. The artists do a good job on it, and the story line is just fine. Now for reruns, that sux donkey ballz. The cards and drawings and such are a lil over board. But there’s nothing wrong with the show at all.

DBZ is old anime… Watch NGE!!! or LAIN! :slight_smile:

“Cowboy BeeBop”
“Princess Monanoki” (sp?)

After you’ve seen those two, you wont desire to watch any other anime.

Woohoo Friends and Simpsons own all your **** animes lol