Who Thinks They Got The Best?

Who Thinks They Got The Best Flash Movie?
Post It.

Well now one can actually have the best movie, there is a different best movie to everyone and different kinds of bests movies like the best Actionscript made movie or the best 3D movie or the best integrated backdoor flash project! Well I should shut up because I haven’t made a Flash movie in forever but I am sure people like vts(graphics), thoriphes(actionscript), suprabeener(actionscript) , and kirupa(intergration and more), and any other flashers that I forgot to mention (yes you too upuaut!) may fit in those catagories. Hopefully when I get more time off work I can start making more movies!

well, no one can really make the “best”. ae, you should’ve asked “how good are you at making flash movies” instead of who can make the “best”, since not all of us have the same talent in flash.
anywho, even if i know a lot of actionscript, i can’t make the best. the problem i have (and it’s a BIG one) is creativity. all my movies are always so plain. i would have one little thing that would catch the eye, but that’s it!

“animation” for Upuaut. :slight_smile:
Though my a/s is getting better every day.

I couldn’t choose, personaly… I’ve seen so many fantastic flash movies.

wow!. thanx for mentioning me Dan. im honored to be considered in the best movie thingy (graphics). I wish i could script better.

Thanks for mentioned me as well dan! I agree with the other comments that no one can say they have the “best” movie. Flash movies are like popular music, the best changes regularly. Movies come in numerous flavors and different people like different kinds of movies. I like the ‘weirdness’ of juxt interactive ( www.juxtinteractive.com ) while most of my friends are disgusted at that site’s use of fonts and lines. It is all a matter of personal preference really!


Wording Was Wrong…Well I Like the one in VTS31’S signature alot, i dont make good ones, u can see mine but im a really beginner in Flash

thanx, OH!..smacks forehead you meant FLash Sig! not FLash movie. hahaha makes more sense now.

What´s that link to the exploding heart doing in here?

I DUnn0 but it was in my signature…