Best Book and WHY?

Hi guys,
i have a sugestion :slight_smile:
can everyone tells us what is his favourite [color=red]BOOK[/color] and why he is think it’s the best [color=red]BOOK[/color] for him ???

Is it good idea…?
we can help others to know what is the best book in Flash and Actionscript.

let’s go

my favourite book in Flash is [color=red]Macromedia Flash [/color]
in AS is [color=red]the defenitive guid in Actionscript[/color]

i’m waiting … heheheheheeeeee :asian:

favorite so far is Fresh Flash. not only because i wrote a chapter :slight_smile:

it’s got a ton of creative ideas and really unique concepts and how to do them in flash. very inspiring.

[color=red]Fresh Flash[/color]

this is first Book from Bit-101, thanx Bit
i think it’s very cool Book i heard about it.
can you tell me what exactly it’s talking about in short point…:slight_smile:

anyway thanx for your replay

fresh flash.
each chapter is written by a different author, who takes one new aspect of flash mx that they found most exciting, and goes wild with it. i was lucky enough to get the drawing api chapter. fun stuff.

all books about How to use Flash MX and the features in it. nothing about Actionscript… :-\ . can you tell me if it’s talking about AS.

First of all, do a search in the forum for books. There are a ton of threads out there with book information. Since you asked for Actionscript stuff, I just bought Flash MX Designer’s Actionscript Reference, which is looking pretty sweet. I haven’t started reading it yet, but you can get the info for it at:

It’s done by Friends of Ed, which makes some of the best Flash books out.


So far, “Action script the definitive guide” has been the most useful to me. I’ll be starting into MX this week though so thanks for the suggestion bit101… I’ll be checking that one out.

I just got the same book as Brad… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let you know how much my head hurts:-\


Books from the Friends of Ed are great… my favorites:

“Flash MX Studio” & “Flash Math Creativity”

Great books.


I’d have to go for the O’Reilly book on Flash. It’s probably a bit more advanced than a lot of them and more difficult to understand, but if you persevere with it then it’s worthwhile.

Otherwise the Flash Bible was quite handy, but never seemed to go into much detail about the things I wanted to actually know about.

Well, I don’t know much about the best books, but here’s something about the 2 books I have bought so far:

[SIZE=3]Flash Math Creativity[/SIZE] by lots of people

Some very interesting stuff, with virtually 0 explanation. It teached me [SIZE=1]the hard way[/SIZE] how to experiment with a piece of crappy code. Let’s say that it’s fun after you’ve practiced it for some time, except for a few exceptions, where the author obviously lost his mind.
The most amazing things I found there: jt’s lorentz attractor, bit’s moving dots, all of David Hirmes stuff, Gabriel Mulzer stuff too.

[SIZE=3]Flash MX Game Design Demystified[/SIZE] by Jobe Makar

Looks very interesting, but unfortunately it is a book that seems to have been written for beginners, so we have full chapters explaining very basic stuff. But I’m sure it’s gonna get very exciting when I get to the hot stuff in there.

My 2 cents. And my 2 possible next books: Fresh Flash for sure, Moock’s book maybe…

pom :elderly:

AS Definitive Guide for the nuts and bolts. probably the most important one overall for understanding exactly how everything works. if you read this cover to cover, you won’t need any of the other books that teach AS.

from there, it is onto either the creative aspects (FMC, fresh flash, super samurai, etc.) or specific technologies, such as flash/php, flash/xml, flash/oop, flash game design, etc.

thanx for all,
i think all agree with bit-101 in AS defenitive guid is the best book in learning AS principles and belong to your desire there are a lot of COOL books in others…

from there, it is onto either the creative aspects (FMC, fresh flash, super samurai, etc.) or specific technologies, such as flash/php, flash/xml, flash/oop, flash game design, etc.

i hope this thread helps me and helps other :slight_smile:

Flash 5 (Actionscript) Studio, 2 good ones,
Php for Flash (dynamic back end, great)
Flash MX Savvy
Flash MX AS advanced by macromedia, good examples! +cd!

i saw pictures of Fresh Flash on one of the other authors site ( ) and hated the layout, unreadable, too many colours, and it’s f*** Xpensive! Might be good though…

“The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. It gives you a different perspective on life and shows the basic ideas of objectivism.