I got bored today (and the forums gave me a “max connection” error) so i decided to hop on telnet and check my mail from the remote unix system. After reading my messages and started fooling around with whois lookup. so i used microsoft. this is what i got (edited for obvious reasons):

microsoft is a really great company, especially if you enjoy seeing “fatal error”

i wouldn’t mind working for them though :stuck_out_tongue: It’d definetly be better than my current job. [we won’t talk about that]

nah i love microsoft! i mean seriously who Doesn’t love that infamous BLUE SCREEN

you know since ive been using Windows xp and getting updates when they are available… i havent had a blue screen or a crash ever…! yes maybe some stupid errors with apps but never a need to restart kind of crash.

I hadn’t had a BSOD for years until about 4 days ago when I started using NT 4.0 on a testing machine, then I started getting them all the time on NT. NT is the biggest piece of **** I’ve ever used. Other than that M$ is OK with me