Why Are Missionaires Wrong?

Lets face it, Every body want their religon to be on the top right? Thats what missionaires want! However they abuse the rights of charitys by giving money to poor Indian-Hindus so they convert. Poor children have to go to christian schools, where they are put against any other religon (Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism etc) And they are forced to read the bible. Indians are poor, which means they are a good target for Missionaires. Mother Terasa doesnot deserve to be called a mother, Why did she have to involve religon in her charity? The Pope:pope: gives 50,000,000+ to missions in India–Thats Not Fair.

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Everyone has a choice in life… no one can make someone else do something its your choice whether you do it or not… I have not come across one Missionary who would only offer clothing or food or shelter to only someone who will follow that religion… Christianity is a choice… you can not be so called “converted”. I follow God and have asked him to be my personal savior… that was my choice and no one elses. Someone can’t make that choice for me.

If a missionary or anyone infact offers something to someone it does not mean they have to take it and it does not mean if they do take it they are somehow all of a sudden converted…

I have seen alot of people out there who claim the name but don’t walk the path. I have also seen alot of people out there who a very good at styreotyping… not every Christian is the same… not everyone hindu is the same… not every person is the same… so don’t go making accusations at a so called group of people…

I could say alot more but i’ll leave it at that for now

“Take what i say however you like… its main purpose is to give you my view on things… you can agree or disagree with it… it’s your choice”

"You may dress the part… but you still lack the heart"
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PixelPunk I agree with you that stereotyping is a real bad thing. Sorry I don’t have too many words after reading this whole thing. I am a Christian but I do believe that everyone has a choice and that giving some the choice of Christ or whatever it may be is ok, but forcing someone isn’t going to be the same. So I would safely say that the productivity of missionaries forcing religion onto people would go against what I’ve been taught growing up about “Accepting Christ” instead of “getting Christ shoved down your throat”. I would add more but I’m not very well read(or as well read as I would like to be) when it comes to any of this, I’ve always kinda spoken with my actions instead of my words. I will say as a Christian, I don’t condemn anyone in this world, regardless of whatever, I can disagree, but I’ve been taught, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” So don’t fit anyone into a stereotype unless they are the ones who are performing the action.