Which religion do you believe in?

Wich religion do you belive in?

and No, its not possible to fit in ALL religions here.

I don’t believe in Religion.


although i am sikh, my religious teachings are just to be human first and then anything else.

more on my religion at www.sikhnet.com

Fast reply… i really don’t have a religion… I didn’t really reject them all but I never felt the need to join one to.

Im catholic.

Christian. I don’t believe in most organized churches though. I believe there is a God and Jesus was his son and our Savior.

that says it pretty well right there. Although I believe that fellowship is important, although I’m a hypocrite and haven’t been to church in a while. I still believe it’s important though, at least from a biblical standpoint. I still attend youth group, although I guess I’m quite old for it, but most of the people there are now anyway, and I’m good friends with them all. I mostly work during it now though. Anyway…


And it was good to see so many religions on the poll, I expected a few options. Good to see the variety of choices, cause there are so many that most don’t know exist (myself included).

I try

Atheïsm, though originally raised a Christian. I started asking questions, and I came to the conclusion that I do not believe in God, exactly because I started asking questions. The main thought I’ve always wondered about is:

What if Jesus was just a made up story to raise children with ? It’s pretty much the same situation as today - Jesus and God are also ‘used’ to raise children with. Then people would have believed in something that doesn’t even exist for more than 2000 years now, and that’s something I can’t do - I cannot believe in something of which I don’t even know it exists.

You left one out… Kirupa :wink:

Can’t edit the poll annymore :frowning:

What’s Gnosticism ? Sounded cool so I voted for it. I know agnostic means that you are skeptic about the existence of god, but not as much as an atheist which rejects it.

So would a Gnostic believe in god ? In this case it should be a religion right ?

You can read more about it here.

I think it’s an intressting belief and that’s why it’s in the poll. It’s something like gaining much knowlege as you can in the most purest vorm.

Its Which not wich or witch as in witchcraft. I give up, I just notice you couldn’t spell believe as well. My religion is that I believe in god.

Why atheism is grouped with all the religions?
Atheism is not a religion.
I don’t belive in any form of supernatural entities (gods included), what do i have to check?

I’m dislexic… So sue me… :cap:

I guess you should check Atheism

Christianity (not Protestant of Catholic)

Is there an other vorm of Christianity that isn’t Protestant or Catholic?

Lol…yeah only like 300 other kinds. :beam:

Catholic here

Technically, Hinduism isn’t a religion either. Western society thought it was one and eventually it sort of became one. But really it’s a way of life. If I say I’m Hindu, I mean to say I accept all religions as being true to someone. Mostly I follow what I feel is right since the essence of Hinduism is that there are infinite paths to nirvana, you just have to create one that’s right for you. I’ve read the Bible, the Qu’ran, the Torah, and a lot of old Tamil and Sankrit literature as well as others, and I’ve always been open to learning about other religions.

And I really like how you included both the Sunni and the Shiite divisions of Islam. :thumb:

[size=1][EDIT] What’s the difference between “I reject everything” and “atheism”? [/size]