Why are the old emojis blurry?





Some of the old smilies are blurry, but others aren’t. Let’s figure out what is going on here :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it! The forum software resizes all emojis to be 20 pixels tall. All of the newer images are downsampled to this size, so that’s not a problem. All of the old emojis were natively created at 18x18 and other varying sizes. If I re-generate those images to be 20x20 with the appropriate pixels of padding to make up for the white space, I think that should solve this blurriness problem.

Right now about 60% of those have been converted over:


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Sounds familiar…

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Thanks for the thorough investigation! Glad they’re back to looking great. :love_heart:


Cool. Wasn’t there a big thumb smiley (or am I misremembering (thumb2 maybe))? I tried finding the old forum to try and find it - how long ago did that disappear I thought it was still around somewhere?

Ooh thumb2 was a good one. So was hoser (it I may say so myself).


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Those will be coming back really soon! They were oddly sized and my knowledge of Photoshop Actions is too limited to automate those. There about 60-ish more smileys that will need to be brought back, and they currently live in a todo folder :file_folder:


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