Why can't i import this swf into my flash movie?!

It was created in wildform swfx 1.02 and was saved in flash 4.0 swf.

Why can’t i import it?!! When i do, i cannot view it :frowning:

i have attached it…

where is it? nothing there mang


It shows up on my comp fine :q:

When i run it off the hard drive it works fine, but when imported into flash mx, its empty

How about this one???

nope no dice

umm whats the problem???

I dont understand :-\

swf is protected
you can always use “loadMovie”

how do i do that?

I just wish to position an animted piece of text in a certain area of the movie.

Usually, i would create an swf file with swish or swfx (swish trial is up) and then import the swf and drag and drop.

How else could i do it?

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**umm whats the problem???

I dont understand :-\ **

no flash fle there buddy:toad:

You have to use loadMovie command with any of those effects that were created in Flash 4- import only works with Flash 3