Why have I lost ability in some fla files to drop scrollbars on textboxes?

Some of my .fla files seam screwy. No where in them can I create a dynamic text box and drop a scrollBar component onto them.

The scrollbar component remains sepearte and does not “snap” to the text box.

In other files and new ones it works fine. The problem files where all created in MX also, so I know it doesn’t have to do with upgrading the fla to MX.

Any ideas?


I have found that I forget to select multiline on the line selection in the properties box and that won’t allow me to “snap” a scrollbar onto a text box…so you might want to check that…:slight_smile:

Yes, I did forget that. But I change it and still nothing.

In fact if I go to one of the files that doesn’t work, I can paste in a textbox with scroll the way I want it.

But even if I go try and move the scrollbar from this newly “pasted” component, it detaches and won’t re-attach.


Has anyone figured out how to resolve this problem - I’ve had it with particular files too.


I could be wrong, but I did notice something like this a few weeks ago when I first started using Flash. I noticed that if I didn’t have “snapping” turned on, then the UI scrollbar would NOT attach to the textbox.

Hope this helps, if not, my deepest apologies.

Good luck,