Why is it that

[SIZE=1]everytime i delete 100 icons stating “FREE TRIAL FOR
AOL” 100 more show up?

I’m so annoyed at this…anyone else?


I installed Netscape 7 and got about 45 of them put randomly around my computer! I didn’t like that.

Oy! I know what you mean! I just updated AIM and the update sprayed my system with shortcuts to AOL. Every sub- folder in my favorites had it. Argh!

Yeah that too. Then on windows systems they add the icons in your Start Menu and on your desktop, and in your folders on your hard drive, and as quick launch icons in your toolbar.

Then in every sub folder in your favorites and in the main part of your favorites.

It drives me nuts. I asked it to install the program, not a billion icons!

yeah, that is one thing I really do not like about Netscape or AOL. Any folder that contains relevant internet files, there is an AOL/IM/Netscape icon there. How rude!

Kirupa :evil:

AOL is evil period :evil:

yea AOL tends to like to OWN YOUR SOUL…

Therefore there is no way to get AOL to stop sending Ad’s or try to make you install AOL, …

And its pointless to fight, you know with its unlimited Spending budget and all… lol

And they say Microsoft is trying to take over the world… Joint venture, perhaps?

What got me is that whenever I or any of my friends got a new PC, you format the HD, stick on the OS and when you boot up, there on the Desktop is a bleedin’ AOL link!

hey… it’s just in case you’ve forgotten the other 12,000 places where the icon is located. They are just looking out for you.


Duh… How silly of me for forgetting.

I can see the need behind putting an ‘instant’ link to the Net on a new PC, but why AOL and why so many dratted links, icons and pop ups?!?