Why is this happening ?!

Sometimes while working with bitmaps on flash the images come out cracked

this is what i am talking about-----> Vita image cracked

Why is that happening ? How can i fix it ?

Thank you!

i never saw anything like that happen!

Thats so weird it happens to me all the time, is driving me crazy!

did you set the alpha on the bitmap or do a tween on alpha?

yes the text fades in while moving

then it could be because of a bug in flash, let me find the technote on macromedia

http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/bitmaps_shift.htm is what you’re looking for

Yes! thats what i was talking about… i am going to try those tips right now.

Thanks alot i really needed some help!!

no problem :slight_smile: