Why so few women in programming?

I could understand the low women count in jobs like construction, waste management, plumbing, the army, floor stripping and polishing, etc.

However, why are a great deal many of the programmers out there (both smalltime and professional) males?

I can’t think of any specific reason why it should be so, as programming requires no strenuous work or heavy lifting, and it’s not a computer thing, as there are very many women with other computer jobs (and most computer savvy women seem to have ridiculously good typing speeds - or maybe that’s just compared to me with my short, chubby fingers). It just seems to be programming specifically that seems to mainly attract guys.

I hope he doesn’t read this, but this question popped into my mind when I realized that Emanuele Feronato (http://www.emanueleferonato.com/) is actually a guy… :doh:

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