Why your website should work without JavaScript


Depends really.

I personally switch off JavaScript all the time because I don’t trust lots of sites.

However, since your users have explicitly asked for your application, you can assume they will trust it and there is no point in doing extra work.

More, if you have that strong AJAX-affinity requirement, the question seems odd enough.

For many good reasons it’s good to disable it.

I thought it was only richard stallman Who is different enough to always disable it. He does not like unfree JavaScript code.

I wonder how kirupa forum works without enabling js. A lot of things will feel outdated

If we’re talking about websites “working” or not with or without JavaScript, a site that is client-side rendered will 100% fail without JavaScript? It is sort of the opposite of “server-side rendered” ( SSR ) in which the document comes down as HTML right from the server.