Not having Javascript on a website

Hello gurus,

Someone at the San Diego comic-con told me that "…if you don’t have Javascript on your site, that site really isn’t legitimate… I was thinking in my head “HEH?!”

I was wondering what he meant by legitimate? I’m confused. I’m pretty sure alot of people can make jaw-dropping sites without the use of Javascript.

I know that most websites have Javascript. BUT If a website has CSS, PHP/MySQL, and other web elememts but an absence of Javascript does it make the site not legitimate?

I just thought I’d ask what other people thought?

-cadmiumgreen :h:

no way, javascript its only a resource you can use, only if you think you really need it.
I think you can make a very legitimate website without javascript, just with creativity

Dont believe everything you hear cadmium. Of course you dont need javascript to make a website legit, what makes a website legit is that you actually own the content. We would have had something like a separate javascript forum here if that was the case. The only reason there might be a reason for using javascript is mainly if you want your website to be opened in a popup-window, preloading images before the website loads so the site your viewing loads faster, see those design-portals where the bg lights up when its just normal html and css?, thats javascript. Its a language for creativity as well as usuability and navigation. Though sometimes you just use javascript without knowing you did.

Confront the guys and stand your ground :smiley:

and the thing is, over the past couple of years, with the crazy pop-up ad phenomenon, a lot of people turned OFF javascript so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Not using JS would make your site more robust and friendly to people who do such crazy things. Yes it helps, as mentioned, but its not required at all.

Yea I agree with those guys ^^^

I stay away from javascript when I can.

JS is ok if it’s used to enhance a site, but the site is still accessible to people without. For example, I use a little JS to stop spam. If the user doesn’t have JS, they just see mailto:foo AT foo DOT com instead of [email protected] - so the site is still accessible :slight_smile:

Javascript also puts load on the browser instead of the server, which is a good for large sites. You can parse info from forms (like validate email addresses, etc…) using Javascript instead of a serverside language like php or asp.

Those guys must be idiotic PC ppl then. I’m not saying ppl on PCs are idiotic, cause I own both. The reason I say that is if they have ever been on a MAC, they would know that JS is not always MAC friendly, making the use of JS on every site absolutely ridiculous. As to where things like ASP, and PHP do generally work.

Javascript is browser specific, not platform specific.

I didn’t say it was platform specific, but IE, FF, and Safari do not parse JS on a MAC like it does on a PC. Two different operating systems require 2 different types of coding. And some of which those browsers do not read.

with Flash advancing so much lately, with the new AS 2.0 i don’t think there is much that flash can’t do that, JS can do, and as far as forms and validation is concerend, PHP is the way to go! …but JS is still kik *** for nice menus/ when you happen not to like flash, in which case…get of the forms :slight_smile: kiddin…

the only thing i ever used JS for was for my rollover in my menu (once), and sometimes Flash Detection if the site has a lot of flash in it. other then that i’m not sure i ever had a reason to use JS.

that’s like saying, if your site doesn’t use flash its not legit.

Hey, if you’re posting on this forum thats true!