They said it wasnt done with special effects, I highly doubt it.

This has been posted thre other times dude!

well excuse me ‘dude’

yeah and with much higher quality too lol. but it wasnt. ask kit.

search to find the one with the better quality. :slight_smile:

get with the times :wink:

I bet you still have a car that doesnt fly too!

lol most of that looks 3d rendered to me =)

but pretty cool none the less
Btw red, this was my first time seeing that =)

ray are you back? and i thought so too, like the tires…but kit said!

Im back! Yea im trolling again lol =)
Miss me?

Without special effects hm? Yeah right. The trick with the tires is a bit too incredible to be true.
Still, great commercial.

I read in the paper its genuine, toook 606 takes to do it apparently

it could be done. it will probably win ad of the year or something.

Yes it is 100% true. No 3D renders or special effects. It took 606 takes to get it right. The tires go uphill because there are screws placed to give them the right bit of weighted-ness to make them roll uphill. Here is an article…


For all you non-believers. :wink:

Thanks for the backup there, Jubba. :slight_smile:

thats what I’m here for. :wink:

wow - I still dont’ want to belive it!! :slight_smile: