Winamp 5

I think its official now:

winamp 2 + winamp 3 = winamp 5!

Thor, try using the skin by MMD3! That’s the best skin for me so far! :thumb:

sigh…i still like winamp 2. winamp 5 is becoming the “real player”. It starts to want money, and later, it’ll rule the world (no offense phil :)). Since i put the winamp to the small little size and put it on top of everything else, the new skins are too big and take up too much space on the screen. I just wish winamp stayed the style it always has been - the small, kool mp3 player.

It does! It supports both the classic style skins and the modern style. Also most if not all modern skins have a shade mode on them so winamp won’t take up your work space! Further, the payment is only needed if you want additional features for CD ripping and burning. Which was not also in previous versions of winamp!

yeah you can use your current winamp 2 skin and hardly realize you’re using winamp 5 :stuck_out_tongue: