Windows sizes

I been playing around with many windows sizes in flash. In the experience of those of you creating all flash sites, what is the ideal sizes to properly show content in a 800x600 and 1024x768?

What are some techniques and any other suggestions on dealing with creating initail windows sizes for certain resolutions?

I have seen people create start up dialog windows asking to choose a size then creating a cookie so tht everytime the visitor comes to the site they pop right into their correct size, can any one send me in the direction of achieving this?

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Any one? 36 views and no suggestions?

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ok here’s the deal,

Actionscript can’t detect monitor resolution. Javascript along with many server side scripts can. There are tons of examples on the forum how to actually detect monitor resolution. From there you can send the user to the proper page to fit their monitor size.

how can I create two instances of the sites in both sizes with out creating the site in two separate sizes, can this be done with AS?

you can’t. your best bet is to find the size that will fit both. try it yourself, create a movie publish it, and see what size will fits.

it’s hard to design a site that will fit 800x600 w/out scrolling. i mean it’s not, but if there is a lof of content you don’t want to overcrowd your users with information.

some people may disagree with me on this:

i dont feel anysite should really fit 800x600 w/out scrolling, unless your going to have user viewing @ 640x480 which in my mind is unheard of. again people will disagree with me on this

How can I create an initial page to give the users a choice of picking a size that fits their setting and once they choose open their choice and remember the next time they visit. Reference to a good " cookies in flash" would get me on my way. I read one but still didnt understand how to put all of it together. I keep getting stuck on how to accomplish what I saw cuz I dont know how they done it…so I hope some one can help me or point me to the right direction.

your going to need a splash page to give the user the option of choosing sizes. very simple, on page will fit one size, another page will fit another size.

You can however have your background fit all resolutions simply by structuring your tables a certain way. again all this is covered here on the forums.

if you have anymore questions just ask, but i’m not going to tell you how big to make your flash movie, because that is up to your design. if you haven’t created a design yet, then you should b4 you get into all of this, just try and make it fit on the resolutions you provided.


Thanks I will try to read thru some tutorial and see if I can piece it together.

Thanks for the input

750 x 400 seems to handle a 800x600 browser pretty well…

I go 700 if I’m concerned about content too close to the edge of the screen…