Windows to release hardware specs in May

Microsoft said it will unveil the hardware requirements needed to run Longhorn–the next version of Windows–at a May developer conference.

For those of you who still use windows :evil:

I’ve used the alpha versions of longhorn and all I can say is that ITS SO ****IN UNSTABLE. Even for alpha its pretty unstable. The beta versions got better, but personally I think its just a “prettier” version of XP. Anyone notice how funny it is that everytime a new version of windows comes out, Microsoft boasts that they have newer more exciting features that just seam to take up more and more space. I mean how many people use Windows Movie Maker…I don’t know of any. This “extra space” that is “needed” seems to be just a load of $hit to me. But hey I use microsoft only cause it runs my favorite apps and games. If linux became more wide-known and major corporations started making software for it, like Macromedia and Adobe, then Linux would rise up higher than Microsoft. Apple on the other hand is a whole other story. Mac’s are great, especially those G5’s and PowerBook G4’s :pleased:

Well, barely any of the new features that will be available in Longhorn have been put into these early builds… I tried Build 4051 and it ran like a dead donkey, but I mean I know there’s gonna be a lot of development between now and 2006, ya know?

In any case, it is Windows, which is synonymous with BS, but what can you do? I’d get a Mac if I had a good income, but since I’m a high school student that’s not happening anytime soon. Anyway, I see your point Sauce2k.

I do wonder though, how much will Longhorn take…?

Fubar, I’m a high school student too, so I can’t afford the Mac’s either :frowning: but on the release date of Longhorn, I am estimating Q4 2005 or Q1 2006. It’s not something that I would consider “worth the wait” but I am 100% sure that if you check on IRC you will find leaked releases every few months, and that should serve as a benchmark as to how far they are :pir:

what would you expect from an alpha version of windows? a final version windows can barely run stably as it is.

besides, you’re not supposed to be talking about that in here.


i’m curious, how does one go about getting alpha and beta versions of new windows releases? is there a way to sign up as a beta tester for Microsoft in order to get new versions?

or can’t we talk about that here?

because my question is, is there a way to become an official beta tester for microsoft to test out new products, without actually having to go to redmond and getting a job there…

As far as I know, there are no beta sign-ups for Longhorn, however there are other methods…MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA :pirate:

iff you are a developer or a hardware manfucaturer you can get them so that you can write the drivers so that when it comes out you can have the drivers and what not ready for release.

at least thats as much as i had heard.

i remember that apple released the public beta of OSX early, i wonder if MS would be so kind, but i wouldnt count on it.

i mean, we are talking about MS here…coughget a mac

i own entirely too much software for my windows computer. i would love to get a mac, but first there’s the large upfront cost of the actual computer, but then i would have to replace all of my adobe and macromedia software with Mac versions. :frowning:

becaues i don’t think it would be very efficient to use a windows emulator on the mac to run these apps, if a windows emulator application is available for a mac.

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**i’m curious, how does one go about getting alpha and beta versions of new windows releases? is there a way to sign up as a beta tester for Microsoft in order to get new versions? **

go to to sign up to be a MS beta tester - I signed up a few months ago and the only offer they’ve given me is to test Windows Update V5 beta

They used to have Alpha versions of longhorn on MSDN to download if you have a subscription

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**In any case, I’d much rather be using Linux right now, but the app compatibility is the only thing holding me back. I’d also much rather be using Mac, but then there’s the money problem. So until I solve one of those problems, I’m stuck with Windows. **

You’d be surprised. There’s an equivalent for almost every single app under Linux(at least that I use).

Except for games… but there’s nothing we can do about that until Joe End-User is using linux, and that won’t be for a while or so :block: