MS Longhorn Prototype gallery

I feel the same about d3d vs openGL. Games that run smoother with far better graphics on openGL are being followed by games that are choppy and horrible-looking running on d3d years later.

the interface looks good, only because it’s going to follow apple’s lead :slight_smile:

(that one’s for mike).

ditto that :slight_smile:

EDIT: they’re trying to follow close behind, but Billy-G seems to have taken a few stumbles and falls along the way… (-:

Thanks Kris :thumb: and i have to agree too :smiley:

Microsoft finally learned that people like the Mac OS since OS X, and they are trying to take it as theirs. The Mac OS X is starting to do a lot better ever since people started wanting to live in the future - they arent afraid of things ahead of its time anymore, so Apple is doing a whole lot better because of that.

Just look at our Q3 numbers - we shipped 876,000 Macs - a quarter record. Our Mac-based sales are up 19% and with a new iMac and iPod on the way, those numbers should just go up.

hehehehehe mdipi I dont want to start a mac vs pc war here but the maket share of apple it was not 1 or 2 % of the market so if the increase sales to 200% is not 4% ? and we don’t need to forget that flag brand of apple was ADOBE and they say that PC are much faster and with AERO the Pc will be ahead on the maket, I hate Microsoft, I like MAC X OS<— but but I love INTEL/AMD processors they are faster and cheeper.


well windows is copycat company.many people think that there is no os other than windows.(in india especially)
they are not aware of mac.they know linux but they dont wanna tryu it cause it is difficult than win.

the interface looks good, only because it’s going to follow apple’s lead

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s following apple’s lead… I don’t see anything in there that really reminds me of apple…

In XP you can totally turn all the graphics and functions and all that junk off so that it ends up looking basically like win2000 or whatever.

I wish someone would make a bare bones, stable, simple, functional, secure, OS, which runs all the software. No fancy windows, no pretty boy graphics (save that for the 13yr old girls )…

I think XP has just about all that, except secure, but I don’t think that can even be fully expected with such a widely-used OS. My XP comp is definitely very stable, way way more stable than any OSX Mac I’ve ever used, and just as stable as the small amount of linux I’ve tried.

I think most people do buy a new mouse, just easier to use

I’ve seen dozens of macs in all sorts of situations, and almost none of the users ever bother to change the mice(except when they are those retarded “puck” mice). Brutally “unique” single buttons…

because a Mac is faster in every respect.

Not true at all. I have to use Macs and PC’s in school about 50/50 and let me tell you, the macs make things so much slower, I’m not talking about processor speed or stability issues(which also do occur) but just about plain old usability. The fact that no program seems to be allowed to run truly full screen always is annoying, all the mac stuff always takes up so much of the screen… and you sometimes misclick and then have random windows popping up etc. And if you stick a usb thumb drive in, OSX puts a dozen hidden files on it that you can only see after you put it back in a PC… and on and on…

aah i got more but oh well.


Honestly, theres no need to rehash an age old argument. This Mac vs. Windoze vs Linux argument…which is faster or which is better is pointless. On top of that just about everyone that posts something on this topic is basing things on there own personal experience. Each OS has its own strengths and weaknesses and each person percieves the OS differently. It all really depends on what you want out of the OS. I grew up on windoze, but I can’t stand how bloated it is these days. That doesn’t make it any less of an OS. It just doesn’t fit my needs anymore. From magazines that I read and people i know in the industry…Macs seem to be better for Audio/Video production, but that doesn’t make it any better of an OS. Linux is great for servers and security, but again, that doesn’t make it any better or worse. What OS you use or don’t use just depends on what you want to do with it, what you want out of it.

[font=Arial][font=Verdana]I was at a Microsoft meeting in Chicago and one of the presenters had a demo of windows longhorn and he did this[/font] [/font]

Just by hitting ALT+TAB and you can flip through the windows. It looking really cool.I[font=Arial][font=Verdana] think Microsoft is definitely competing with OS 10 Big time with this one[/font] [/font]

You can already flip through the windows by hitting Alt+ Tab. You can even see a preview of what the window looks like.

I think that is possible using TweakUI or the PowerToys, but it isn’t nearly as cool as the slightly slanted look :slight_smile:

but the the edges are really messed up, I’m not sure if that’s just because it’s resized or because it’s coming from microsoft :P, anyways, it’s gonna get really confusing when the top window is not the one highlighted on the bottom like in the picture :h:

They need anti-aliasing.

That’s what I was talking about. The current way (TweakUI or PowerToys) seems more functional though. You can see the whole window in that, not just the first 100 pixels or so. We’ll have to wait to see that implemented in a more than screenshot media type before we can judge it too much. :sure:

That alone would make most old PCs incapable of running Longhorn :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i already know that :wink: but you wont get this screen if you do it now.

I think it is low quality, so you don’t kill your graphics card loading the windows up all 3D like. [color=black][font=Arial]Shifting thought the windows like a deck of cards.[/font][/color]

Yeah - this seems really cool. I think this 3D feature is what was once called Chrome Effects; which they were showcasing for Windows 98 during the introduction of AGP and MMX about 4 or 5 years ago.

I’m sure by the time 2005/2006 rolls around, majority of all PCs that should upgrade to Longhorn will be capable of displaying these 3D effects. I doubt it takes up that much system resources now that I think about it.

yeah, but one, the aliasing still looks worse than the cool alt+tab menu and two, it doesn’t show as much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dont know if this link was posted, i saw an older post fromt he same site though

just my thoughts,

some one said about windows being the only os in india, didnt a linux company get a big contract there?
about the 3d stuff. you already do tha ith linux, and sun are doing ther own version, which is a whole desktop called project looking glass.
more proff that windows jus rips of everybody else