Windows XP related question

im trying to install 3d max 4.2 on my comp

not too long ago i switched from 98 to xp an some stuff is kinda annoying now - i dont know if this has anything to do with the problem, but…

ok so i get to the max setup screen where it says it is “searching for installed applications”

then i get this error message:

“error1606. could not access network location ‘::\documents and settings\all users\desktop’.”

then its the good ol’ “installation ended prematurely because of an error”

ugggh why doesnt sh*t just work?!?!?!

does ANYONE know how i can get past this and install?

Well im not sure exactly why its not working. i havent heard of that…

Have you tried running it as windows 2000 or even win 98?

You can do that by right hand clicking on the exe it self and i beleive theres a tab in there called compatibility etc… and it’ll say “Run as” and you just select windows 2000 or 98 (try both)…

possibly XP is just stupid and not running right.

I went back to windows 2000 right when i got my machine, I hated XP, always crashed etc… im not liking MSFT’s products anymore, if i Could, I’d buy an Apple G4 with OSX!!!

hmmm… OSX…

=) Hope that helped some…

thx ray, ill try it
::crosses fingers::

XP is the most stable of them all!:cyclops: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

I have to agree with on that one. 98 was my last most stable of the Windows OS. 2000 almost blew up my computer (literally, it only ended up killin my brand new hard drive…better than my motherboard though), ME gave me way too many problems as far as my system crashing and for some reason, it kept deleting important system files so I had to keep reinstalling it… it was a pain.

As for me, I have had no problems with XP thus far. Very minor ones here and there, but nothing big enough to complain about.

I know about this!

The prob is CDilla protection on 3dsmax cd’s! 3dsmax releases has yet to reach compatibility with WinXP…

so… download the new cdilla protection drivers somewhere (can’t remember where i got mine)…

If that still doesn’t work, contact discreet tech support, no good? Get a keygen… EVEN if you have a serial#… The serial you recieve with max does not work in XP…

thanks eilsoe,
well, lets just say i CANNOT contact discreet ehehe

i downloaded it off someones server and it did contain CDilla files - i also belive it came with keygen

are u saying to install cdilla first?
cuz it sounds like u know what is happenin on my comp

Umm, lemme think back and see what i did…

I can say this, it IS possible to run max under XP… Mine works… but official max releases aren’t compatible with XP as i said before…

I’ll get back to you shortly… gotta find out what the h*ll i did…

Check yer PM’s ok? I’ll probably respond within a few hours…

But first, format your pc if you get that error message still…

If you updated it won’t work, you gotta format and then re-install xp…

***, i am so one sided when it comes to computers!
i only know the design side of things
i really do not know how to re format and then reinstall

This is why I love 3ds max 5! :bandit:

hey dan!

anything new in version 5 from v.4?

Rendering will never be the same again…and this version comes with all the materials/maps! The interface looks the same, just a lot of additions! Works well with combustion!

somebody wanna give me four for free:beam:

hehe, sorry mdipi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Start saving! :slight_smile:

Dan: How well with combustion? Is it part of the general interface now, or…? I never really took a close look at combustion… tried once, made a flame and an explosion… whoopie… :sleep:

The thing I’m currently trying to learn is realistic character animation. Now THAT’s hard… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly mechanical animations… Using IK joints i think… organic bones are not all that hard to set up…

Well I had to slow down on 3ds max a little! Right now me, billy bussy, and one of my PHP/MYSQL friends started a new project for a battle site: Where users login and submit their work through our upload interface, then they can view all of there work and submit them into battles or challenge another user. These will include Flash, graphics, and 3d battles. After the battles are over the main page will be displayed on the vote page where the other users will vote on the battle with comments. So far its going pretty smooth and we won’t be releasing this for about a month or two, but once it is finished it should be a great place to battle! We even have the Jaijin Andru (the new member) on call if we need help!

that site sounds cool dan gj cant wait to see it!

eilsoe - i remember soooooooo many nights where i was ready to take a bat to my **** computer screen because of one thing----------- BONES in MAX!!!

it was prolly cuz it wasnt 4.2 where i hear making and using bones is much easier but OMFG bones were the most frustrating sh*ts ever!!!
realistic character animation is so much fun - realistic being the key word here - very hard stuff tho

Im on version 4 still :slight_smile:

And yes, realistic=VERY hard…

Heh, I started out smacking some bones into some lame figure i made, and then added some precaptured motion sequences that shipped with max4… :stuck_out_tongue:

Man it looked weird… :slight_smile:

I think it was Character Studio 3 i used now that i think again…