Windows XP

Can anyone highlight the good and the bad of XP, bcuz I am thinking of getting it. I’m running 98 right now, and I’m pretty comfortable with it. I had ME at one point, but that sucked, so I went back to 98. If XP is worth the hassle, I’ll reformat my HD and install it. And please don’t give me that “Its bad cuz Microsoft sucks! DEATH TO THE TYRANT BILL GATES!!!” crap. cuz i know…thank you. :lol:

Well, I was using 98, and I just upgraded to XP, and all I can say is that it’s really working great. very easy to use, lots of drivers available, and most of all, it doesn’t bug all the time as ME did… Really, I like it.

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Have to agree with pom there, Jubbanot (hmm, I like that, maybe Jubbanaught?).

I use ME at home which is about as stable as a one-legged chair. Have tons of odd things happen.

I use XP at work (on a new laptop) that is amazingly “smart.” I hear alot of people gripe about XP, but I can’t ever get them to be specific about it. shrug I helped ready two new machines at work with XP and I was amazed at how “intelligent” they were when it came to recognizing the network and the like. It was almost like a plug-and-play network machine (same for most peripherals as well).

I don’t know what the commotion is, I’ve had absolutely no problems with it since day one.

I will say that it is a little annoying finding compatible drivers for some hardware though. Some printers STILL do not have XP drivers!


thanks guys. Yeah, I agree about ME. I played a lot of games online and everything, but ME would always crash after a half an hour or so…thats when I decided to go back to 98. I think I’m going to upgrade to XP. Probly sometime this week.

XP Professional: $300
DSL connection: $50/month
Flash MX: $too much for me right now

of times XP has crashed: 1

Value of OS: priceless

i’m tellin ya, this thing won’t crash unless you really really make it crash (such was my case). it has a cool little thing where it sort of saves the state of XP, then when everything goes wrong, it goes back to that state. also it includes IE6, and has all the stability of 2000, and more. I have to say, though, that win98 and winME were better with 3D programs such as 3DSmax and Maya (only from what i hear). XP (and 2000) don’t do such a good job with 3D when compared to 98 and ME. this doesn’t mean you don’t want to switch to XP…it’s a great OS and really stable too.

I had mine running for 3 weeks straight without a crash, My friend Bill is up to a month and a half now. It’s as stable as you can get on the PC… or at least as stable as 3.1 was… Ahh now that was an os… I haven’t been this happy since I was running 3.1. (though my motherboard blowing up certainly has hurt, but that had nothing to do with my OS.)

Ok. I reformatted my harddrive so I could do a clean install for XP. I had a lot of crap on my HD that i didn’t want and it was running sluggish. So I used the XP cd and the 6 start-up disks. But when I put in the 6th disk, it doesn’t read. I know the disk works because my roommate used it two nights ago. And we even made 6 NEW start up disks. So they all work. And I can’t find a way to install XP without these freakin disks. Can anyone help me cuz I have no computer now and I can’t reinstall 98 until next week.

try remaking the disks with brand spanking new preformated disks. I ran into the same problem two weeks ago. I had created the disks, and they somehow became corupted. I recreated them on the same disks, and it wouldn’t work. Then I used 4 brand new out of the box disks, and I got it to work.

Are you sure there are 6? I only had to make 4.

yeah there was 6. My roommate used 6 straight out of the box. They were virgin disks…The first 5 disks worked fine, then the last disk would say PLEASE WAIT on the bottom of the screen and the computer would stop reading the disk. The green light would go off and the comp wouldn’t work. Then one time I got some error message that said “unknown hard error” but i haven’t gotten that again. I have to go to class. I’ll keep in touch…how did you make your disks upu? my roommate made his from going to

ok have a good day, cuz I’m off to kill some people. I got no sleep last night cuz of my computer and the only thing that would ease my mind is impossible right now (cuz my g/f {that time of the month})


ooo… I’'m sorry, I was making win 2000 start up disks…that’s why there were only 4. I’d still try remaking them from scratch blanks though.

yeah i think i’m going to try, it just pisses me off cuz I have a term paper i have to type up and now I don’t have my computer. There is no reason that I can see as to why these disks won’t work. They worked two nights ago for my roommates computer. So i tried those and they didnt’ work, so then he made up 6 more from that website above. From blank straight-from-the-box disks. The first 5 disks worked fine, but the 6th wouldn’t. So I’m confused.

If it was a problem with the disk, then why wasn’t it solved when my roommate made new disks?

If its a problem with my floppy drive, then why does it read the first 5 disks, and not the 6th?

If its a problem with the files on the 6th disk, then why did it work for my roommate and not for me?

There is no logical explaination for why it won’t work. I think i’m going to cry. Last night i was sooooo frustrated. If anyone has any ideas let me know. And don’t tell me to buy a new comp, cuz that really doesn’t help (coughphilcough)

Buy a new Comp …just kiddin’ , hehe :slight_smile:
Buy XP…hehe
Are you sure you can’t install straight from the cd? Works on Win2k, and as a friend just tried out, once win2k is installed, you can pop in XP and have it upgrade from win2000, that’s how he did it…
Maybe XP doesn’t like your hardware…did you try the cd install?

Ok heres the deal. Here’s all the facts.

Sunday: My roommate obtains Windows XP and the 6 setup disks. My roommate reformats his harddrive because ME sucks monkey nuts. I like XP. I decide to install it, however, I want to do a clean install because if I upgrade from 98 i heard that it runs funny, and I also don’t want any of the stuff left on my computer.

Monday: I reformat. I reformat correctly. There is currently nothing on my harddrive. I take the windows XP CD and the setup disks and I attempt to install. The setup disks go as far as the 6th disk. This is where they stop. The computer just stop reading them. The disks are not corrupt because one of them worked on my roommates computer the night before, and the other was made 10 minutes before i tried it. It is not possible to run WINDOWS XP SETUP in MS-DOS mode, so it is impossible to just install from the CD. As far as I can tell. I know how to use computers and I’ve done this a million times before, but for some reason this time its being retarded.

Tuesday (technically still Monday night as its 4 in the morning): I give up. It won’t install. So instead I kick my door and go to sleep. Woke up a few hours later and post my message.

Well, I still think (can brainless people think) it should install from the cd, if it doesn’t how’re you s’posed to get it installed, do they provide the floppys with the cd when you buy it???

i doubt it. there is a website where you get the start up disks. SETUP.EXE can not run in MS-DOS mode. and it won’t autorun. You need to go thru the disks in order to get it to install. Oh well I’m just going to wait for my friend to come back and I’ll steal the win 98 CD from him, then I’ll have my friends at ComputerTech install XP for me. I’ll let then deal with it. However, this means that i don’t have a computer for the next week or so. i’ll be in and out of the message board. i know you all will miss me…

snif We’re gonna miss ya… and that tutorial you were supposed to write even more… snif

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I have spoken with my computer guru. He has told me that the path to extreme enlightenment comes to those who install 98 or ME without any drivers, do a system test, upgrade where necessary, then install XP over top of that.

This means, I must wait for my friend to come back from Illinois. So I am out of a computer until Saturday (at least). Ok thanks for all the help, i’ll be back.

If the drive is not set up with NTCS file structure you need to do that first, other than that, you can instal directly from the CD very easily. I just did… Yes folks, that means that my new Motherboard arived…and though I can’t overclock on this one, my 800 is working just fine…


I have to do wut with the who? wuts NTCS file structure and how to change that?

Please don’t laugh at me, i get enough of that from my Internet Publishing class. But I’m using ME and it never crashes. Although i don’t do any of this stuff like, reformatting, defragging, overclocking (something like that). Only thing ive seen that makes a hecka a difference is that you can acces your desktop from any other computer that has XP, which doesn’t help people like me who only use one computer. BTW, how many you guys “bought” flash? I hear its like $500, so i’m just wondering who bought it and who just uhhhhhh, borrows it.