Windows XP SP2 Port Blocking / Firewall -?

Just wondering if anyone is able to help me with this Port Blocking & also me not being able to chose the defualt windows firewall. I have never had this problem before, its only happend since I re-formatted a few weeks ago.
Problem #1:** External Applications such as Limewire / iMesh wont connect to servers at all, im not sure why this is, im assuming that SP2 has blocked some of the ports on my pc?

**Problem #2: **In the Windows XP SP2 Security Center, it wont allow me to choose or turn off my Firewalls, for some reason the buttons arnt selectable? I think this may have something to do with Nortons System Works 2005, however I have played around in the Options of Nortons for hours & havnt found any firewall information?


Anyhelp would be great, Im running XP Pro SP2, Dialup Connection, Nortons System Works 2005.