Wireless network woes!

RG54G3 - router (has a detachable antenna)

It’s across the house in my mothers room. There is only one floor to the house. On top of a metal table.

My computer is across the house and my antena is on the floor beneath a large metal object that covers a wall with the door being on the opposite end of it.
The antena isn’t going anywhere else because the cord is not big enough.

My sister has a 13’’ MacIntel and she is on the room next to my mother, and she’s usually on her metal bed.

At night every door in the house is usually closed.

My signal is usually crap, but at night gets to disconect me sometimes.
My sister just gets that every once in a big while.

What should I do to improve this wireless network?
Signal amplifier?
Better antenna on the router?
Better antenna on my computer?

If so what should I use…


Antennas should be nowhere near large metal objects, they cause the most signal attenuation when enar wireless antennas. Large metal objects cause about 9dB to 12dB attenuation, only maybe led walls or plutonium would cause more.

As foodpk said they should be placed nowhere near metal objects or large metal objects… I have a router and its on wooden shelf above my mothers PC and when the Belkin wireless stick is connected this is like 2 floors I have around 91 -96 % signal… But when my mothers desk got rearranged we had a metal shelf in the pantry which took it down to 80 - 86 % with the door open

When life gives you a metal house, make a wireless network more wireless with this omni-directional extension antenna for $5.

Link is to a deal site, but the product is from buy.com (using google checkout and you’ll have to deal with a $20 rebate).

Do a google search for ‘poor man’s wireless DIY’, it brings up a New Zealand page (should be the first or second hit) that goes into this in detail - All you need is a 20-ft long USB cable with one male and one female end, a USB-wireless dongle, a large chinese-restaurant style wire wok scoop, and maybe a wire coathanger - and it results in a 9 to 15 dB gain!~

I’ve read that ^ very interesting


The google search brings up a few other resources, now that people are catching on - I’m going to try this myself on someone’s laptop tomorrow - and he’s paying for all the supplies! :lol: