Woah! Doom 3 received an 8.5 on Gamespot

Like the subject says, Doom 3 got a score of 8.5 by the reviewer at gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/doom3/review.html

Isn’t that a bit low considering similar games such as Far Cry, Halo (for the PC), UT, Undying, etc. got higher scores?

[size=1]EDIT: The video review found in a link toward the bottom of the review page is good![/size]


I see what your saying kirupa,
but I never really rely on this reviews, this game is totally awsome, and deservers a 10 out of 10 by me :stuck_out_tongue:

basically it´s a technical masterpiece with the good old gameplay

Have you play it Berko?
It really scares me so much that I jump in my seat. Especially when your in the bathroom, and that huge monster comes out…

shhhhhhh! don spoil the fun! I want to jump of my seat :smiley: no I havent played it as u can see… :frowning:

yo :eye:

8.5 yeah kinda low… considering that Tony Hawk’s pro Skater 3 ( I think it was 3) got 10
Still a great game… I was supposed to get my new computer weeks ago… still waiting … can’t play it until I get it

Doom 3 to Tony Hawk 3 is like a Mortons steak to a 99 cent McDonalds Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Gamespot has given some crappy games a higher rating than Doom? Whatever.

Man, I bought the game and my video card is only 32 Mb. (That’s why I have another thread asking about Shared Memory.) Guess I have to wait unti I save up some money for a gaming desktop.

But my review is:
The menus (before the 3d part of the game) are really cool! :sure:

mmmmm, that makes no sense :sure:

I’m not even going to consider buying it, I barely squeeze in under the minimum requirements with a Radeon 8500 AiW

I read some of the user reviews. My take on it is that it’s your ordinary derivative FPS. The game is still visually pleasing, granted you can play it. Today I actually held the box, reading the specs and wondered if it was worth purchasing. I put it back down and decided to wait for the demo, which should be coming out very soon, to see how my system would perform under it.

yah there was one free fps which looked good becuase it was 96k and looked really good but you need one of thopse 300$ graphics cards to play it

Correct me if im wrong, but isn’t that just the game reviewers opinon? I think the best idea is to either buy it or ask people who have it what they think. Doom has always been a great game, and 3 looks like the best one yet.

The reviewer does make some good points, but yeah - normal users have a much different opinion on it. I am not sure how it scored so low on sound. I figured that the sound was one of its good parts.

Sound is one of it’s good points. I totally agree. But also remember, there is not one guy giving reviews for every game. Maybe this reviewer would have given Tony Hawk a lower score. Props to him for telling it how he saw t, rather than just throwing out a 10 because everyone else says so. His points are well justified. I mean, imagine if the AI acted how he imagined it. Woo!

Yea. Take it with a grain of salt. Reviewers give bad games good reviews and good games bad reviews sometimes. It’s all personal opinion. I love DOOM 3’s sound. And the gameplay actually had some cool story archs that you get to choose. It’s not all just crazy shooting. Just 70%. :smiley:

neither does this :sure:

Indeed it is! I didn’t know they had these free over at Gamespot… As far as I remember, you can’t view the IGN ones without being a subscriber.

Im sure it’s a technical masterpiece the dudes who programmed wolfenstein/doom came up with the whole idea of fps… and doom just never ever gets old. I remember a while back gamepro rated one of the armymen games pretty low, I ended up playing it all night. dont listen to the magazines.