Doom 3 minimum specs released (Page 3)

Yesterday, id announced that a master copy of their long-awaited game has finally been sent to Activision for mass production, this coming after years of anticipation. The release date is listed at August 3, but probably won’t be on shelves till the 5th.

Now today, id announced that they are already working on a demo of the game, which will be released sometime after the official release of the full game.

Just as the first Doom revolutionized the video gaming experience, so will the third installment, featuring the best graphics in any game currently available as well as the return of the beloved experience from the first and second game. Audio will be equally good as the game allows owners of 2-channel sound cards to experience surround sound.

The retail price of the game when released is going to be $54.99, but I’d wait and try the demo before shelling out $55 so you’ll know how well the game performs on your system.

They recommend a GeForceFX, I have a GeForce4 Ti, the card right under the FX series :-/

Oooh! It only took them a few extra years of hype :slight_smile: Either way, this game is going to be excellent if the hype is to be believed. The lighting in the game looks great!

OH GREAT!!! Great NEWS, I have a Gforce fx5000, hope it works ok, anybody know when the xbox version debut??

OMG I’m so happy! August 5th! Oh man, I’ve been aching for a new game, and I finally get to play a full version of doom3!!! Oh man, I can’t wait!

But online is still a mystery to me, I belive it’s 4 person per server?

They didn’t work on the online code with Doom 3 as much as they did with the Quake series. Rather, they tried to trump the other 3d engines out there. The next “doom 3 engine, but different game with improved netcode” by ID will probobly do that one.

Awesome :slight_smile:

August 5th wow, most games are coming out in the fall it seems. Ill be away the first week or two in August but Ill have something to come back to :thumb:

berkowitz, the Xbox version?!?!! are you kidding? The PC one is going to dominate the Xbox version.

I loved the xbox version, its just so much fun on xbox live

Seems like they’ve been saying Doom 3 will come out “soon” for years.

sure but the xbox version is going to have cooperative mode, also my good computer is in my work, when I get home I have to play it somewhere :slight_smile:

the movie i saw looked uber-impressive. unfortunately my system is about 4 yrs old and i also have a geforce4 ti. what blows is that i wanted to wait until the latest AMD chips go down in price be4 upgrading. waiting sucks! lol! :m:

The reason the GeForce 4’s aren’t going to cut it is the Direct X 9 compatibility. If you don’t have one, your computer is going to crawl when this rolls around. They are getting cheaper though. Pick up a Radeon 9600 or above, or a Nvidia GeForce 5600 or above. :smiley:

that sounds about right.


Anyways. I heard that the Radeon 9800 actually performs better, they are just promoting Nvidia.

Haha Sushi,
I hear ya bro, but come on, this is Doom 3!!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long!

Personally, i dunno what all the hype is about. I’d rather settle down with a good game of Pandora Tomorrow. Doom III just doesnt hold my intrest. With the upside down skull demon death OMG IT HURTS SO MUCH monters.

You say that now, but have you ever seen the in-game play?! The most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen…

Yea, It’s defintily going to get my attention, simply because of the dev time. But I’m honestly not THAT hyped about it. But I’m confident it will be cool. I’m not the biggest “run and gun” gamer, but I hear doom is more of a survival horror shooter now… :smiley: With one of the better next-gen engines to boot.

I’ll probobly end up in a mod sooner or later aswell. (2d art, webdesign, storyboarding)

There are more screenshots and trailers at

For some reason, I don’t like playing games unless all of the details are set on max and with the highest resolution. So, I’ll probably wait out on Doom until I eventually get a better system that is capable of handling the latest PCI-express based graphics cards.

Doom 3 looks extremely nice. The detail makes the characters seem lifelike. I can’t wait to see other, non-scary games based on the new Doom engine to come out in a few years :bad: