Woo! I got a new phone!

My dad recently upgraded his phone to a Nokia 6230 but then he decided he liked his Ericsson better so he gave the new one to me. It’s pretty cool. Camera, video, mp3 player, radio and real music ringtones. My favourite part though is how all th buttons work, unlike my last phone where the 8 and 5 buttons only worked about 1 in 10 times. Here’s a picture. Mine’s black but they didn’t have that on the website.

not too shabby…


kewl phone - my bro’s dream so far :stuck_out_tongue:

so what exactly will you be doing with that camera phone :sure:

nice, my cousin also has the same model…
i am buying sony erricson p-800 or 900 soon…have nokia 3200 rightnow…it also has a camera…hope ur camera is better :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:
My dad has one too, but I’m having trouble navigating with that “joypad” in the middle. It’s not as accurate as I’d like it to be (I like my T610’s joystick better). But other than that, it’s a nice phone :wink:

You bastardo! I want one like that! :m:

[size=1]I’m a phone maniac :trout:[/size]

You dirty…wait, I don’t get it. :mu: :cool: (That’s listening to music and looking cool. And maybe taking some photos.):hugegrin:

:lol: Nokia should just advertise that instead: “Buy our phone, now with working buttons! :!:”

Camera, video, mp3 player, radio and real music ringtones

and? will it give you a hug when you’re lonely?

just kidding,
great phone :slight_smile:

btw.: on my old motorola t2288 seemed to have a kind of random funktion like
in it.
so I’m quite happy about the keys of the nokia 6100

wow that phone looks sweet:)