Work experience chance

Well today I was just doodling in class making graffiti styles and what not and I was sent to the office (graffiti is quite big in this town and is harshly punished upon) anyways the principal then sends me to a councilors room and he gives me a package for a work experience program at the Art Institute of Vancouver. It has quite a few programs to chose from and I have three main ones I’m not sure about.

(Quoted from package)
Game Production - Game Art & Design
Learn the fundamentals of game design. Students will begin bu studying the video game industry, a variety of game genres and effective design techniques. The will apply these techniques to create a concept document, design a character, prototype a level, then implement and playtest it.

Game Production - Video Game Programming
Learn the basics of video game programming with an object-oriented language. Students will learn game programming skills through the creation of simple video games, and will then apply these skills to modify a 3D game engine.

Graphic Design
Mainly learning how to more advanced stuff with photoshop, illustrator and in design.

They are all quite tempting though, my problem is that I want to learn something that I can do when I leave the place. I’m extremely interested in game design/dev. always been something that would be cool to me. But now I’m not sure which one of the courses I should choose like if I take the programming would I just have to suffer through teaching my self everything else? Or should I go with Game design and not bother over a engine and use one thats available on the net?

I’ve already sent them an e-mail about this matter but I want your guys opinion.