Working with Multiple movie clips.............!

I’m working on a big movie clip, which contains other movie clips.i’m facing difficulty in synchronizing the other time lines with the Main put it more clearly, i have two movie clips with different timelines say 150 and 200. i need to call the movie clips one after the other, so after i show some thing on main time line i’m calling the first movie clip(150) say at 20, should i call the next clip only after more thing i’m calling the movie clips in different layers.i’m doing something wrong here…help me out please.


You can use frame labels in your mc’s to make them play from where you want to…I did not understand your sync problem 100% though?..

hey joe
i have all the files(*.swf) in the same dir.before using them i’m converting them into movie clips.regarding sync, what i mean is how can show one movie clip after we have any better tutorial to work on for better understanding of multiple movie clips…


Place a stop(); action in one with a command to tell the next one to play. At the end of that one, you have another statement telling the next clip to play, ect.

Main time line has one frame, with two layers. Each layer has a MC called myMC1 and myMC2 respectively.

Inside myMC1 on frame 20 place this code

Inside myMC2 on frame 1 place this code
Inside myMC2 on frame 20 place this code;

In this situation, “myMC2” on the main time line begins ‘stopped’. “myMC1” begins to play. When it reaches it’s 20th frame it stops it’s own timeline and then calls for “myMC2” to goto it’s second frame and start playing. Then when “myMC2” reaches it’s twentieth frame it tells “myMC1” to play. Since “myMC1” only has 20 frames, and it’s currently stopped at frame 20 it will loop back to the first frame and start playing.

These two clips will continue to play each other over and over again. You can just as easily tell any other clip to play or stop as well. Timing beyond that control just has to be played around with until it comes out right.

thanks for the help, i’m working on it.