Hot temper

Water vapour is rising above the head of Roberto Carlos as the Brazilian football player was sweating and exercising at a Seoul World Cup stadium in cold weather on 19 November 2002, on the eve of a friendly with South Korea. The temperature dropped to a minimum of 4.8 below zero degrees celcius. Photo (AFP) - KIM JAE-HWAN

lol i have never seen this before in my life.

you have never played soccer in a cold weather then :wink:

it happens all the time.

i did but it never got water vapour rising from my head

just look at football (real football, not soccer) during the playoffs in the winter… On the sidelines, all the players look like that!

Originally posted by !@& *
**i did but it never got water vapour rising from my head **

then you must play soccer like a girl :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

coz you have to run a lot, in order to increase you body temperature to that level. :wink:

and sureshot is right, you can see that in any outdoors sports.

lol! Actually I don’t want this to happen to me!

then you must play soccer like a girl

looool:beam: may be he does:P


it was a fantastic match

b-dawg!!?? where are you? :-\

loool im in civics we r in the comp. lab

yeah ur right sure shot but i thought ppl here call it soccer so i typed soccer but i usaully call it football. and guig0 no i dont play like a girl i work my *** off when i practicing or playing. but sometimes i feel that something is rising from my head but i thought it was only heat. and that is the first time i see something like that. like i cant see my top of my head. i dont know about you but if u can then there is something wrong with you :stuck_out_tongue:

ahmed where r u?

im in 321 :beam:
careers class :sure:

[email protected]#$ did u watch real madrid’s match?

no but i saw the results and it was veary pleasing :beam: . we won 3-1 on manchester united. but what is scary is that we are going to have to play them in manchester. but ronaldo will do what nobody did and he will break through their defence :wink: . just like what i do all the time.

yes, !*@& i can´t see my head (-:

but when i´m playing and i see that happening to the other players, i can imagine this is happening to me as well :wink:

and i can se that happening in other parts of my body too.

well so guig0 i guess that ur favourite team is brazil and if yes did u see what happened to that valuable player. i hope the fifa forgives him. cuz brazil really need him. click here to see what happened to roberto carlos

yeah… that was a shame…

he made an *** of himself, i hope fifa won´t forgive him, he could use that lesson :wink:

[EDIT]yes !*@&, my favourite team is Brasil… being brazillian i couldn´t have any other as my fav :beam:

[SIZE=1]even if i wasn´t brazillian, Brasil would have been my fav coz Brasil is the best team ever!

followed closely by argentina, but the rest… they´re just the rest :P[/SIZE]

that match was really horrible… Manutd was paying too much respect to Real… but I hope they can beat Real 2-0 at Old Trafford… see it live at ESPN1 or 2 I forgot.

hmm but I know that they will beat madrid 2-0 at least… one thing for sure I will have to take a day off lol

it finally happened to me

i saw it on my arms.

hahahahaha :slight_smile:

you finally “didnt play like a girl” as Guig0 so nicley put it… :wink: