Would you go to WAR?

Hey guys, with all this war stuff going on, I just want to know what people think ::

A) Do u think America, England and Australia should go to war and fight??

B) IF they asked YOU to go to war, would you go??

C) If you had no choice and you were chosen to go to war by the Army of your Country, would you try to run and hide??

A. If the reason behind it is valid, absolutely.

B. Yes, I would. It’s a responsibility every citizen of their country has.

C. No, what is going to happen will happen. No use in trying to evade fate. Not everyone who goes to war dies.

Kirupa :ub:

Kirupa has a very good point on this…

My views are more… If the reason they are fighting for is valid and transit… Then I would be more than willing to go and join the army… But if they are fighting over something incredibly stupid in my mind… I’d be hesitant…

I wouldn’t wanna fight a war that I didn’t believe in… No moral there then…


A: yes i would go, i am an american, why should i sit back and watch our freedoms be threatened when we had so many people before us die to let us have them
B:Yes, i would
C:No i wouldnt, i would go and serve my country to the best of my ability, theres no point in running, it will always atch up wit you

What Phil said…

this is a hard topic…i am 13 so:

A: If we are threatend then yes
B: Yes, i would not like to but yes…i think war is scarry, its not paintball where it stings, or a game where you come back next round…its real bullits…
C:No. like :ub: said, not everyone dies, and you might not even be on the front…

I would **** up my share of terrorists. Enough said…

im in the same boat as dan
gimme my m249 and get the **** outta the way im goin to war


I actually thought people wouldnt want to go to war…
from reading here, it looks like most of you will go.

NaliWarCowZ :: yeah i meant if you got drafted!!


I personally would not go to war unless they came to my door and tried to kill me or my family…

I am an american and do love my freedom, but im not cut out for military service.

If war did come to my door, i’d probably fight… but the way i feel about everything is, no matter how much our nation will make it self better, or safer or whatever, it will ultimatly fail. Every nation in the history of the world has fallen and i think the US is no different. Now it’ll probably take a few hundred years (rome was big for a long time…) but will fail. SO no matter what I do, it will fail and probably long after im dead, so it wont matter =)

i know it seems odd, but i dont like war, its pointless.

a) as kirupa said

b) well… i might not really want to join a war as a soldier, but rather work in like the electronic sabotage field for the army and such…

c)… hide? well i dont really think so… i’ll just have to face it i guess

That’s true ahmed. I doubt they’ll strap me with a gun and tell me to run out and try to hit something. The recoil from the gun will probably send me flying back a few hundred yards. Anyone ever see the Simpson’s episode where Lisa is in a military school (with Bart), and Lisa fires an automatic rifle and floats in the air because of the recoil? Well, that’s how it would be if I had to do anything strenuous =)

Kirupa :eye:

wow… im shocked that such things do exist…
this is way different than the stereotype of american citizens that most of us have…

Hey ahmed,
The grass is always greener on the other side :wink: There are equal numbers of people who prosper, and an equal number who suffer. It’s tough to know the conditions that exist in a country (via TV, newspapers, etc.) unless one lives there.

Kirupa :ub:

very true=)… the media, very often, isnt very informative or precise… kidna biased… unfortunately…

well though i am palestinian, i never lived in there or actually been there for a visit. I did live in the middle east, in an oil country. Actually, back then, there werent any taxes that people should pay, not at all. Not even if you owned or ran a business. The government simply makes really no profit from businesses ran by the normal citizens. All the money basically came from the oil they had.

In palestine, i assume its about the same, in the way that no taxes are to be paid, except if they’re forced now by the israeli government or something. But basically, there arent any taxes in the arabic world that i know of, or atleast, if not in the whole arabic world, im sure about that this is true in oil countries. Actually, i didnt know what taxes were or what they’re paid for till i came here to north america

Again, this is just so different than what i expected about how the IRS works, or how the life of a typical citizen can be affected so much due to taxes


I’ve heard of people being jailed back home, cause they couldnt pay for loans or mortgages they got, but not taxes actually…


Firstly i wouldnt want to go to war, if i was selected i would be really bugged about it, if you think about it , you work your bum off all your life to get direction and some path to a good life, and then this all happens and you basically get plucked from your life to fight for something you dont really know what your fighting for.

About hiding, well you cant really hid can you , but it would be a great idea, come on dave we will hide somewhere bring lana and a few of the girls, get your basketball ring too, we can still live pretty good =)

On this topic, Phil pretty much says all that i aggree with. his first post on this thread was exactly what i think. not to mention, the govt passed a new law (“the patriot act”) that it is now legal for the govt to spy on you. in any way, shape, or form. no one has any privacy rights anymore (govt wise)

anyways, when we go to war, we dont do the ‘ethically right’ thing. we do not care about our enemies. the government attacks the enemies, regaurdless of if they are innocent or not. we attack sewage treatment facilities, and water purification facilities. we fight a dirty war.

edit–>>> if i did have to go to war, i would want to be a military sniper. kill some “bad” guys (according to the US Govt, and the mindless idiots who rely so much on the media that they cannot open their eyes and see what happens in the real world) then put my sights on the man who runs the whole show in this country:bad:

another edit---->> shouldnt have said that, but its been there for a while so the govt prolly already saw it, so f**k it