Wow. I think they flash-animated this camel

Make sure you have the sound on. Flagrant Flash abuse going on here.

EDIT for anybody else who hasn’t already checked it out, it will resize your browser window. Just a warning.

hahah funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Bizarre. But you know you want to go see the movie.

That’s very cool!

I think I missed the funny part though! :sigh:

I can’t stand sites that automatically maximize themselves.

closes window

I thought it was kind of creepy, myself.

In the ‘behind the scenes’ section, the photo really makes it look like that one guy’s head is a camera. Strange. :cyborg:

That’s a camel? :lol:

For me, the window actually makes itself smaller. So in order to click the “enter site” text, I have to scroll. Why would they do that? It looked perfectly fine the way I had it. :m:

yeah, especially sites that auto resize to be maximized when I already have it maximized!! it drives me insane, anyways, wierd site, but it doesn’t look very sad to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the camel look partially deformed. It might needed to be added to the what creeps you out thread.

Whahahha that made me laught!!!

lol, i had my mouse on it’s mouth not realizing that it mattered and it was going kinda crazy, with the toung and all :slight_smile: