WOW! It's been a long time!

I received an email from Kirupa today and it was serious blast from the past! This site and it’s tutorials were a huge part of my learning web development 20 some odd years ago and I’m seriously stoked to see you’re still around!

Anyway! Just wanted to stop and say, “WOW! Thanks! And I’m glad to be back!”

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Hi @clearnew - great to see you stop by and post :slight_smile:

What do you work on these days? Are you still into web development?


Hi @kirpua!
I’m working in a print shop right now so I’m still doing a lot of design. We also sell web design/development services but it’s been a tough go selling those services in our town. I still love designing and building websites so more of that would be good. We’ll see what the future holds! :slight_smile:

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