Hi from London


So excited to see an email from Kirupa.com today. An explosion of memories from 13 years ago, great times learning Flash and firing my interest in the digital world. Kirupa, Senocular I remember you do you remember me!?

Anyway I hope you are all well, nowadays I’m married with a son and run an e-commerce business here in London doing what I love…


Billy! I do remember you. That’s great to hear from you after all these years. Glad to see you still doing web stuff. Were you always in London, or did you move there at some point in the past 13 years?


Your name is familiar, but I don’t remember much else :sweat_smile:. But always good to see people return to the fold! Welcome back!


I’ve always lived in London.

What are you doing? What was the motivation for restarting the site?


Restarting? It never stopped :wink:



7/11 might not always have business, but they’re aaaaalways open.

The transition from Flash to Web Tech took a while - not just in terms of content, but getting people to think of this place as more than just where they learned AS2 programming haha. But the site was always chugging along, as @senocular mentions :stuck_out_tongue: