Wow, you guys are still here!


And we never heard from DDD/Awesome_O again…


That’s OK. We’ll try again when another mod decides to drop-by using a different account :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry guys, got busy, but I’m still here. The system made me make a new account… But… I wasn’t able to use “DDD”. I was able to use my email address though (from the Awesome_O account).


DDD - did you try recovering your password from the DDD account? I changed your e-mail address in that account to your old one! Either way, glad to still see you around these parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the clone as good as the original, that is always the underlying concern, may take years to know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea I tried twice
Once with my email address and once with DDD. No reset email was ever received. When you merge will my old stuff be wiped away (join date… mod-ship.)?


Stil working out some bugs…erm… “FEATURES”… :sunglasses:


Just saying hi. Feels good to finally login after a long long time and see post from seasoned people.




Hi! There are a few of us that just can’t let go :wink:


Hey bro.