Wrong use of threads?

Is it just me … or do more and more people start threads in the wrong categories or ask a completely new (and off topic) question in an already running thread ?

Is this a growing tendency ?

(He’ll learn one day…)


i seem to have noticed too, especially about flash questions:D

I haven’t noticed any increase.

well, you’re not the one moving them either :wink:

And yeah, I have seen a lot of that stuff recently. Mostly I’ve been moving questions from the source section to one of the flash sections…

i’m awesome

If one of you has some extra time, it would be nice if someone went through all of the pages of the Source forum and moved the threads that are out of place, out. That way if they are bumped later, they won’t cause trouble, and people searching for Source related materials won’t run into false positives.

LOL I don’t they will want to anytime soon :frowning: