Www.Capsule3.com - NWCTD

I was too lazy to type no where close to done so in the title its NWCTD. Ok, my site which just recently got put online - www.capsule3.com, is no where close to done. No content or anything of its sorts. But, so i can finish the layout or discard it once and for all, can you guys critique it. Also rate it out of 10 if you can. Plus, im not sure if i should even keep that layout because it might be too dark on some computers.

Well, rip the layout to shreads and tell me the goods and bads, thanks!
UPDATE!!! (Feb 08) -**
Now theres a wholle new updated version of this layout with fixes of copyright and all, plus new background image and lots of layout changes, even content holders, woohooo ;)!!!
Update3(skipped 2 because it wasnt big enough, all i added was the middle picture.!!!(Feb 11): now theres a preloader animation and new preloader enter buttons and all!
UPDATE!!!(Feb21) after awhile of not working on the site i did some animations and content for the first page (this has been stalling due to trying to figure out a php news system)