Www.donshaw.com submitted for site fo the week

We have recently deployed this site for one of our clients -\rPlease tell us what you think.\r

Great design, really.\rpom 0]

When I first looked at your site I just kind of glanced over it with out REALLY looking at it. Now checking it out the 2nd time I really really like the layout. Mad props to you guys. Aside from the fact that it is a salon, I’d vote this sote for site of the week. heh, I’m even tempted to steal your idea for the layout but that wouldn’t be cool. :-p Anywho great job on site, I’d love to see some more of your work. \rBtw quick question:\rThe top part of the main site (the nav bar), do you use frames to jump to the next part of the movie? I’m currently workin on a project where I’d like to have that kind of motiffe. If so could you plz tell me how you did it. Great job/any help is greatly appreciated.\r-vibe

The critcs have spoken! :slight_smile: I agree, this is a really nice site, and it should be made into the SOTW. Here are the links for the graphics that you may consider using:\r\rwww.kirupa.com/about/linkus.htm\rwww.kirupa.com/gallery/awards.asp\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

nice site.\r\rMy problem is with the company that designed the site for u which is created 201 studios. This ppl look like they r a rip off of 2advanced. At 2advanced.com, click portfolio then at created201.com, click projects. Both look virtually thesame, it’s so unbelievable. It’s like it was a copy and paste.

To whom it may concern, \r\rThank you for visiting our web site. We greatly appreciate your constructive \rfeedback. \r\r2advanced studios has set an extremely innovative trend in interface design. \rMore than a trend, we believe it consists of a deep appreciation and \runderstanding of the concepts of form and function. \rWe have followed the 2 advanced evolution from the first “SOLACE” Interface \rto the more current “EXPANSIONS” version. \rEric Jordan has inspired millions of designers worldwide with his approaches \rto web design and millions of sites across the Internet are built upon his \rprinciples. Building an Interface that follows those principles is a tribute \rto 2 Advanced. \rI could mention other points to address your comments but that information \ris still confidential for now. \r\rRegards and Best of Luck! \r\rThe C201 Team.

Dear Vibe,\r\rThank you very much for your compliments!!!\rWe are so thrilled about the SOTW award!!!\r\rYou are right, the top navigation of the Don Shaw site was built using a frame structure. The navigation buttons in the top movie requests a URL and targets it to the content frame.\r\rThis is relatively easy to accomplish using the get URL function in flash.\r\rLet us know if this helps or if you need further clarifications.\r\rGood luck,\r\r\rCreated201 Studios\rwww.created201.com

W O W !!!\r\rKIRUPA SITE OF THE WEEK Award !!!\r\rWe greatly appreciate your support and comments on our work. It’s good to see that the hard work pays off.\r\rStay tuned for a couple new releases from CREATED201 Studios coming next month!\r\rSincerely,\r\rCreated201 Studios\rwww.created201.com