Still working on the portfolio and examples for each section, but I would love to hear what you think as I finish up! Thanks.

p.s. Thanks goes out to Claudio for getting me through some of the action script!


Way to close of a resemblance to http://www.simplyinteractive.net for me. I would try something a little more original personally.

Other then the graphical resemblance, the function of the site is good. I would seriously try a different look though.

I can see how you would say that. It is different entirely other than the fact we both used that “mac” look. I mean navigation, layout, etc. is completely different. Nonetheless, thank you for the suggestion, and it’s something I’ll work with.

Hi there, i just got your message. Im glad i could help you :slight_smile:

I like your site but i think you could have a few things i’d get changed:

  • another font for the preloader and maybe another color for the loadbar. I feel that blue for the loadbar doesnt fit the color scheme.
  • some rollover effects for the buttons

I agree with the color for preloaders and rollovers…what don’t you like about the font (I’m just wondering if you’re seeing it differently than me?) Looks clear and concise to me. Thanks for the ideas.

Is it me or do you need to increase framerate ? The clouds in the header are moving very framy here.

Moving smoothly on the two computers I use…anyone else seeing this?

Yep, I do. They’re moving kind of framy over here as well.
And about the resemblance to simplyinteractive: I opened that site first and checked it out, and then opened yours, and I have to say I expected it to resemble a lot more. I mean, sure, there are some things that have the same feel to it, but it’s definately not a rip-off. Good job.

I wasn’t saying the site was a rip-off… I said it resemble simple. Layout and navigation is totally different and I give credit for that. I was just saying that there is a fairly close resemblance in my personal opinion. Up to you to do what you feel with it. Other then that, I believe its good work.

One more thing. I would take the splash, entrance, page and make it fit in with the graphics on the site layout a little more. They difer a little to much.

Thanks guys, and no problem…I didn’t think you were saying it’s a rip off and I understand that it does have the same feel. I actually got the idea when I bought Photoshop CS and it had a new appearence. I wanted a website with that “mac” look. Seems Simply Interactive was going for the same thing, but I think there’s plenty of differences. I remember for awhile anyone who came out with a blue website was “bitin’ off 2advanced”. Anyway, can you check it out at 30 fps: http://versing.com/upload/latest.html
Makes my website look like it’s on crack but I can fix that later…just want to know if the clouds look okay! Did you see the same thing with the clouds Dan? Maybe it’s just connection/ pc performance that makes the difference? I haven’t seen it choppy like that. Thanks again!

Speaking of rip-offs, you guys will get a kick out of this thread:

Aah, it looks way better at 30 fps :slight_smile:

Thanks…I’ll make the change!

i didnt get a kick out of that FK thread becuase…well u made it seem like we were gonna see a major rip of 2A, which i didnt find…

anyways, botu your site :stuck_out_tongue:

i like it, nice and clean and the clouds move perfectly fine for me. The reason i think people are saying it resembles SI might be because the panels you have are very similar, thats probably y. but yeh :stuck_out_tongue:

I realy like your logo :D!!

cheers mate :wink:

Whoops…didn’t mean to make you think that. Thank for all the good words on my site! Looks like you got something in the making too! Like the splash page…

lol np ;)…why do people always click “website” button …lol…curiosity i spose :stuck_out_tongue:

Got to know where your critics stand!!

Your site rocks!!!
I think it really works well!
Well done

Thanks sk8ing…