What do you think?

Heres my site:
be harsh. :afro:

Ok. Your loading page nearly gave me a seizure. I really dislike that flashing LOADING text. Also I really hate when sites just tell me it’s loading and don’t give me a percentage or status bar.

The rest of the site seems to fit your style. I think the clouds are moving around a little too fast and the flying in boxes seem a little hokey.

Overall it seems like you’ve put some good work into it.

Speed up the flying boxes, higher frame rate transitions.

you said harsh right?:slight_smile: I loooove the background! Is it image trace? And what about the clouds? It looks real good anyway, and it must have taken a while!

The rest of the site looks ok, but I agree with^

The clouds as links looks a bit cheap. It would be nice if the background image chanched with the links, you know? But overall nice work:)

looks like struck design (or an attempt i should say), its pretty nice but i could do without the blinking preloader. Nice site.


ok, i am working on a new preloader now and i’ll post when i am done with it.
I never really liked it anyway.

the backround is image trace + sky, i didn’t like a image traced sky. Th clouds were done with photoshop.

ok, changed the preloader, tell me what you think.

I like this preloader much better but as for the other things I would have to say it is a very solid site although the clouds could use some work though they look a bit cheap as slumgutt mentioned.

I had one idea about the clouds…
I was thinking of changing the colour of the rollover text to the same shade of gray as the services section, what do you think?

Beyond that i cant improve on the clouds. My PS skills arent arent that incredible so i really dont know how to make them better. If someone has a tutorial that would help me with that i would greatly appreciate it.