Versing Technologies Version 3

I’m currently getting ready to create Version 3 of Versing technologies. I actually never fully finished Version 2, but I took a lot of time off to focus on my skills, and I feel I’m a lot better now, and would rather start from scratch than improve this website. ( I have way to many ideas in my head to try to constrain myself to what’s already there) However, I’d love to hear some critiques on this website so that I can have some ideas on areas to improve…things you don’t like. Also, so I know from some fresh eyes what you like, so I can keep that coming! Thanks everyone!

very 2advanced. its nice, but it’s been done.

Agreed. I like the overall site, but the navigation is a little boring. The “loadmovie into this one little place” thing has been done and is getting old. Your graphic style owns, but maybe put some spice into it? :slight_smile:

it’s pretty similar to 2A but hey… it’s not the same.

The one thing I would change is the rollover of the buttons. There is no need in bringing up the word in the main cloud area since the button itself is very clear of it’s link. Try making some other typ of rollover and that will take the “boring” out of the menu.

Keep up the good work

Thanks for the comments. I definately admit I’m 2advanced influenced…never copy though. I just love that whole “science of movement” thing they got goin on. The menu is one thing I definately wasn’t happy about, so thanks for confirming that.

I like the movie when you click on flash. Its nice that it’s not confined to the box. But it’s not consistent with the other buttons. I’m all about consistency - i always assume the user of my site is stupid and any random change confuses them. I also like your clouds… but like everyone has said… its been done. Although i think there is still a place for it maybe if it wasnt such a large part of the site. logo is lovely. but im not sure about the top bar type thing… two rows of colour before the logo at the top seems a bit much. Especially when the site doesnt completely fit in my browser and causes me to scroll a little to see the bottom logo and tab bit.

800x600? I wanted the Flash window that you liked to stand out…just to “eye catch” (stress) how cool Flash is for users who don’t really understand. I still see what you’re saying though! Thanks for the comments. Taking away the blue on top probably would look good if I also fixed the menu bar. (The two blues complimented each other) Really though, my new site will look totally different, but I’m trying to get a feel of the likes and don’t likes from this one to assist me in its creation. Thanks again!

Nope, im 1024x768 but um using mozilla firebox. With a google search bar, tab bar and links bar. To be honest I am the minority but i think most people with firefox have got a good couple of extra bars.

Thanks…I still design horizontally for 800x600, and try to keep vertical close for any browser using 1024x768. There’s always you guys though… :ne: Google rocks though! I’m a 1280x1024 kinda guy!

i think im going to have to go with the crowd on this one. however people do need to realise that we are all web designers and graphic artists who looked and analised many many sites, but people who want our services havent so as long as it looks slick the potential client will be impressed.
one final point tho, your site is very nice looking so you have design skill but this is not reflected by your clients web sites which i would say are below par in comparison
anyway nice site

the sky-loop-animation-thingy was a little fast.

Oh! found something. I really liked this (which I wonder why I overlooked it the first time) The 2 tubes that carry liquid (bubbles) are awesome but the tube on the left you can see the bubbles go past the tubes end. Unlike the one on the right!

Good catch…didn’t even notice I did that (extended one further)! I’m glad you saw them though. I like to add subtle things sometimes for those who care to look close!