X and Y coordinates variable for chromeless script

I love the Chromeles script. I am using it on my current site.
I was wondering if there was a way to add a variable that allows you to place the launched window at a particular X and Y coordinate. My java skills are very weak so I am not sure how to implement this variable. I was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on the subject.

I think that Kirupa has a tutorial on opening sized windows at locations on the screen. I’m not posative though.

One question though… what is a chromeless script? I’ve never heard that terminology before.

Hey Prophit,
Visit the documentation found on the following Web site: www.microbians.com/ He is the creater of the open-source chromeless script. The site was down when I checked it last, but I hope they have the site up and running.

Upuaut, the chromeless script is what I have on the following URL: www.kirupa.com/developer/…erless.asp


r u doin/done a tut 4 chromless windows???


Hey Ben,
I have already done one: www.kirupa.com/developer/…erless.asp I guess I should rename it to chromeless window (it just sounds goofy and doesn’t make sense with what the effect actualy is lol).

Did anyone work out how to place the window at specific X and Y coordinates?

If maybe you’d just bother to follow the link posted by Kirupa and visit microbians,
a/ you’d get a nice example of the javascript in action by it’s developpers, and
b/might even find THIS www.microbians.com/chromeless/help
where all the details of the script are explained, under ‘OpenIt function’ , there are these two lines:
X | Horizontal position (null=center).
Y | Vertical position (null=center).
that say it all…a bit more action, don’t expect to be fed everything!

Well gee Mr High and Mighty, thanks for your most humble and encouraging post. Ever thought that I might have looked at the site and still not get it to work in Kirupi’s version. But you are obviously part of the Flash Hall of Fame so you can look down down at those who are not Flash savvy (or programming savvy for that matter).

My advise to you is give people the benefit of the doubt reply if you are willing to help. Otherwise, keep your snobbery to yourself and leave others to give genuine help.

So funny…
guess if I was a bit younger, I’d get all set up and excited, like these other post with insaneflasher…but I’m just smiling…down at you from the Flash Hall of Fame (where’s that?)…should be Javascript here, not much Flash involved…

“Ever thought that I might have looked at the site” : no, as you didn’t say so! And my post wasn’t just for you, but for everybody (so all of ya can get back at me, haha)

“give people the benefit of the doubt” …doubt 'bout WHAT?!

What is most annoying in some (I didn’t say this one…yet) posts is that people don’t bother
1/to state the subject clearly in the title
2/make an effort to accurately describe the problem/ what they want to achieve
3/not very often say thanks (some do…)
4/and then get offended by a little criticism…

I’ll just stop posting any help here, who cares anyway… :frowning:
(Kirupa, maybe move these last two post to somewhere else where they won’t interfere with interesting posts…)

I agree with your points eyezberg. We are all helping because we want to do something useful with our knowledge. We are not obligated to help anyone, and we don’t expect anything in return.

We are not psychics who read minds. We are human beings. If you want to pick a mindless conversation with someone, use AOL Instant Messenger and talk to ‘Smarterchild’. He is a bot and will entertain you with questions and answers for a long time :slight_smile:

that is a bit harsh… and not really necessary but i feel you the downloads do come with a page for “how to use it” which the end user is 100% responsible for reading and understanding… especially if they would like to further customize it

but on the other hand since kirupa is hosting the script here he should also have some kind of support for it… even if that support is just a link to microbians support page…

u feel…?

we have to admit… these things are daunting at first…

to the original poster… good luck with the scipt… and have fun trying to learn all you can… eyezberg has a point no one will spoon feed you all you need to know… so you have to learn as much as possible on your own and if any questions you have to try and be as specific as possible since no one can read you mind or understand your logic


Just for the record, I disagree with the attitude that some, like eyezburg sometimes take, but I empathize, and agree that not everyone is me, for instance. Some people will respond, some will not, some responces you will like, some you will not. But in the end it comes down to this. Eyezberg is helpful… very much so… if you want only nice replies to things, then it would just have to be a couple of us posting here, and no one’s questions would get answered. In addition, if you’re looking for only friendly faces and soft kind words in life, good [email protected]$#ing luck.

So Eyez… I hope you understand that not only do we appreciate the help you offer, but we need it. I will be sore if you have to leave simply because someone can’t take the shock jock approach that you happen to have. Please consider not leaving… if only for the benefit of those who do appreciate your work.

hi kirup

well i have some problems regarding the chromless window… i cant get it to work. im geting really frustrated… i really need you to help me…

i have done like it says in http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/borderless.asp but whan i klick on my flash buton I jest get a Internet Explorer window and in the addres window it says

i jest dont get it … what im i doing wrong ???

and if wold be easer cant you give me the fla file and the html file… plezzzzzzzzzzz i really need this…

you can send it to [email protected]